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I keep telling myself I want to get more involved in Deviant Art... but it's soooooo hard....
About 30 hours till my flight leaves for California.... Woot....
Sorry to anyone who checks up on this page.... if anyone. LOL. I've neglected my sketchbooks over for photography. While I could probably post my photos here, I'm lazy about that. I don't know why. I should try to use this more often, but it's hard when none of my friends are here... I'm probably just talking to myself. HAHA
Woot. I go back from Japan recently and also I'm starting to draw again. I feel so out of the loop. On top of things, I launched I feel accomplished, but it's odd writing on a site no one visits. HEH HEH. I can say the same about this site as well.
So.... I'm finding whatever time I can to work on Fists are for Punching, Not Hugging, which will debut at Small Press Expo. Also, school had been crazy... so I'm done with PHP... YAY.

But I digress, I am drawing whatever time I can in hopes to squeeze in two more stories for my comic so it doesn't seem like it's loaded with one shots and filler.

I'm going to print hopefully next tuesday. OH GOD OH GOD...

Why do I even update here?!?
I'm not dead. I've been doing some freelance work for DC Comics. What I actually do is remove Japanese text from their CMX lineup... so it's not all that glamorous. But getting a paycheck that has the WildStorm Productions and DC logo is pretty nifty.

In any regards, I've also been working on my comics for Small Press Expo and my fiancee just bought me a new scanner since my old one isn't compatible with Vista. My old scanner wasn't also compatible with macs either...

In any regards... I'll try updating soon. Check out my fotoblog at to see crap I've been up to.

I don't think anyone really reads this though... but whatever. :)
I want to be awesome.

Also... I've been watching Busou Renkin. I want to do fanart teaming up Monarch with Papillion... HA HA
So apparently, Wal-Mart hates me. They won't sell me my preordered Super Smash Bros. Brawl that they advertised for 19.82.


Dear Chris ********,

We have received your request to cancel the item(s) listed
below from your order (#**********).

We will attempt to cancel this order, however, we may
already have processed your order for shipping. If you need
to contact us about this order, please call us at 1-800-966-6456
between 6 a.m. and 1 a.m (CT), seven days a week.

Order Date: 11 JAN 2008 08:55
Order Number: **********

ITEM                                             QTY   PRICE   TOTAL
Super Smash Bros. Brawl Wii                      1     19.82   19.82

***** END EMAIL ******

So... not only will they not honor my order, they also STOLE MY IDENTITY. I did not cancel my said order. Now, if they had sent me an email explaining that they were in error, I would understand, but I can't let them go around acting on my behalf. THIS IS AN OUTRAGE I say.

If walmart can go around acting on my behalf, canceling orders... what else can they do?

I sent a message to Wal-Mart in regards to this email.

***My Email***

I'm concern about the email I gotten about a recieved request stating that I would like to cancel my order. I made NO such request and for you to state that I have sent that is pure identity thief. I am very much concerned over anything stated on my behalf when I gave no such authority.

So who, I ask, made such a request for cancelation? It was not I. I made NO request to cancel my order and would like my order honored, because as I stated, I did NOT cancel my order.

Thank you very much.

***End Email***

I doubt this will do any good, but whatever. I'm bored during my lunch break.
So I think last week was a total failure. School has been ass raping me, my new work scheduale is ass raping me, my girlfriend is ass raping me... with a plunger. But I digress.

I'm trying to work on a longer comic (as oppose to these one pages I've been doing), but I think I'll try to do it with color... I have a few comics in mind and I think the most I done recently was only 4 pages... I think I did a 10 page comic a while back... but I had a slave driver whipping over me. (It helped alot).

Ah well... I wish I was more intuned to the other deviant artists here.... I feel so left out. HA HA.
I'll try to update this thing more often.... not that anyone really finds me here or anything. Though... Batgirl has been getting WAY too much attention... and I feel that's really one of my weaker pieces. Anyway, bad spelling aside, I've started a little challenge for myself.
for 365 days, I will draw and post my drawing on this site

So far, I'm on my second week... or is it third. Ah well. I'll try to post the best sketch I did for a certain week here so to update more or less. Blah... back to work I go.
I think my last post was a little more than 4 months ago. Not that anyone reads this... but what have I been up to you ask? Nothing... well... classes again... looking for a new job... traveling across the world as Agent 47 in Hitman: Blood Money.

I think this saturday, I'll try attending the Midnight release of Harry Potter.
I need something to get me jump started in drawing since I want to take a break away from my camera. Though, I'll probably post some pictures later this weekend. Blah...

No one reads this. HA HA.
I really don't see why it's been still getting faves but I guess it's alright. I thought it was pretty crappy actually. I'll probably try to redesign another batgirl since that's the in thing to do. I haven't played with Deviant in awhile, so I'll be returning soon with new crap and stuff. Huzzah!
Small Press Expo is this weekend and I'm excited to be going. But not only do I want to go, but next year, I hope to participate in it as well. I want to start printing out my comics and tell the world MY story. BWAHAHAHAHA. But alas, I doubt I'll have it ready for next year, but I can still try.
Also, I think I'm giving up looking for a partner in crime to draw with. I've made my dicision to go into this venture alone and hope that I'll meet some creative people in the process.
Also, I wish I had a girlfriend that draws. That would rawk. When I told my gf that, she started to bang her head in the wall in hopes that she'd become autistic. :P
Lately, I've felt like my work became horribly horribly horrible. But then I just chilled and sat around and got a few kick ass ideas, but I fear I'm gonna mess it up. But something I learned was that for every good painting you do, you make just about 10 bad ones. So my teacher told me, "why don't you just paint and get the bad ones out of the way."
It's just that lately, I feel like I need to learn how to do cleaner work. Well... I guess I can start by stopping all this sketchy artwork and ink my work. A bit longer, but... ah... I lost the methaphor. Tired.. I shall sleep.
I love blaster master. I love Blaster Master so much, I'm reordering the book written by FX Nine and published by Scholastic back in the day.... for like the third time. Hopefully, I won't lose the book, like I did the past 2 times. But just in case, I ordered two.

BTW, thanks for everyone who said tehy read my journal here... Xanga is getting a bit dead and I'm thinking of leaving Xanga.

I dunno why Blaster Master has such a hold on my life.

BTW, is it just me, or is C2 Coke weird. I mean, it tastes a tad like regular coke, but has a funny aftertaste. After watching hte commercials, I beleived that they put the cocaine back in coke. That's like... the ORIGINAL ORIGINAL Coke.

Also saw AVP. As expected... it was teh suxxxors. Only tribute it really had to Aliens or Preditors was actually just a tribute to any 80's action movie, and that is running really really fast with a huge fireball behind you. And they did that for a good 15 minutes into the final fight. HAR HAR HAR. It was better than t3 though...
So tired and weary. But I don't want to sleep.

I guess if no one is reading this, this is really a great diary that I can spill all my personal thoughts and junk.

I like pie... and my favorite song of the moment is Killers's Somebody told me.
Dunno how Will Smith came to be one of my favorite action star... but he should have done a rap song for I, Robot. Good action all the way through. I loved especially in the end it said, "suggested by the idea of I, Robot" AH HAHAHA
What I think is even funnier... the original book by Issac Assamovwhatchawho is now being reproduced with Will Smith on the cover. That's teh awesome becuase it's so wrong.
So I so thought Spiderman was going to suck, even though, I was hoping and waiting for it like a little puppy that waits for it's master so he can releive his buldging bladder but ends up peeing all over the kitchen floor and as soon as I walk into the door, I slip on my dog's puddle of piss and crack my neck open becuase my spider senses fails me yet again.

But I was wrong... and it was good. And those that decides to wait for the spiderman movie next week, will read my hype and grow even more hyped up and later tell me, "No Chris, Spider-man was NOT teh_awesome... it was teh_SUXXORS!" To which I will say, "BITCH" and web you in the face... becuase I am spiderman....
Words enter here... BLAH BLAH...
Trying to use Deviant... so confuse. Curse my 56k....