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CA13- Kh'ohl and E'drelir

Drel and Cole from one of my very favorite webcomics, Corner Alley 13! [link] It's getting harder to choose between the two, but reading through the archives again, I think Drel (furry ears) still wins. :) In any case... this is what I imagine them glaring at each other would look like.

Corner Alley 13 and related characters belong to Emily Ryan! [link]
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AND COLE!! hahaha!! I don't think i know Cole's character enough to :heart: him,but i absolutly love Drel!! :XD:
nice :) love how you made cole btw :)
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Oh wow, I know what you mean. They're both so awesome. :D If there's one good thing about Drel being out of the comic lately, it's that Cole gets a chance to shine a little more. :)
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lol they both look pretty awesome! i like drels neck >:]
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Oh thank you! This is wonderful!
The mean looks they are giving each other are just perfect!

If you don't mind I will put this in my Gift Art gallery and link to this page and Tile. Would you like to be credited with your online nickname or your IRL name?
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That would be cool... IRL name is good.
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