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By endzi-z
~~ ... because the story likes to repeat itself ~~
Traditional Painting: Traditional Oil painting on ply wood + pencil / this picture also is edited in Photoshop
Original Size: Huo 60 x 37 cm; Cristal 60 x 37 cm; Soul of Phoenix. part 1: 22,5 x29,5 cm part 2: 22,5 x 30 cm
Date: Huo and Cristal 05.05.2011 // Soul of Phoenix 10.05.2011
-work to school-

Two works of this series, first one and last one was showed on exhibition 'Ipswich 2011 Art Awards'

~This series of work I call Life even though these works show last stage of life, phoenix and girls life, but behind that is a pretty big story. I will write about part of this story using metamorphosis. You can see fire phoenix and crystal phoenix in my works which one by this state of affairs show last seconds of life. Dying Phoenix - you still see feathers and all body of dignified bird, but you can’t see his normal head but just bald skull. He can’t see, hear or sing… He is dying… this is just moments before he will disappear in self-created fire, burning into a pile of ashes. Where the second crystal phoenix will disappear in self –created crystal and break into small particles, I almost catch this ‘puff’ moment when they gone. The white phoenix between these 2 works show escaping soul. White semi-transparent soul of phoenix that looks at his best even had been without the colors. The one of the most beautiful things on this world he just left is the colors of life, which can describe almost everything. He thinks that it is the best way but at the same time he didn’t see how much he can lose. The mature roses show life, these roses are ready to lose their petals, but before this happens one of them will be burned into phoenix fire and second one crystallized and crushes where one of the leaves will look dry like leaves in Polish autumn and second one freeze on cold winter. You can see also rose buds - unexplored roads of life which even does not have any chances to be explored.
On the first plan from these two paintings are two girls, the sisters where one of them have covered eyes.. Her name is Huo (it is Chinese name which mean fire) with bloody wounds and she is blind. Huo saw so many bad things in her life and she doesn’t want to see any more, she cries out blood tears with fear and grief because she will miss the beautiful things in this world. Just because that the fear is stronger than the desire to live. She will die together with phoenix in his flames, believing that after this she can wake up in better life, starting new life with hope after reincarnation.
Cristal is the name of second girl which became of variant spelling in English Crystal which means “crystal, ice”. She has covered her mouth and she shares feelings with her sister Huo. In this picture so many bad words has been said, so many bad things she heard, she looks at all the pain and she doesn’t want to say anything else, she doesn’t want to allow her blind sister Huo to hear more as well. She doesn’t want hurt her any more. Cristal is silent although she wants to scream and cry because she knows that nothing can make things happen better. What she saw and what she had to hear will be forever remembered until she dies with her sister in the crushed crystal. She believes look like her sister Huo that new life can be better but I know that it will be the same or even harder as the story likes to repeat itself, like the phoenix had for ages, the same story.
In all the 3 pictures there is something missing. In the first one it’s sight on second one it’s speech and on the last one it’s the colors of life. However these pictures form a one piece, and of them tell a story about sad reality. They show part of my life where 2 sisters on the picture are really one, the same person. They have my fallings and emotion they are a reflection of my soul. One of my signs on these pictures is a pedant. Huo has red one, Cristal blue one and I have black one. I feel also that I form part of these pictures. Huo and Cristal show last stage of life where I and my phoenix doesn’t show it. (Photo of me and Phoenix I will upload soon)

Thanks for all comments and faves :blowkiss:

This work are copyrighted © Angelica Zurawski ~All rights reserved!
Please do not use, copy, reproduce or redistribute.
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coooooooooool I tried a painting like that only by covering up different senses though mine suck yours is soooooooooo cool.
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I like the bird, too :v 
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magnificent. thank you for bringing your imagination out and then sharing with us. And thank you so much for allowing this beautiful piece to be downloaded and shared. You are appreciated very much. 
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Thank you for your beautiful comment. :hug:
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You are so very welcome. Thank you for sharing your imagination. 
this is fuckin.... gorgeous.
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is really amazing
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OH MY GOSH, SO DEEP. I LOVE IT :iconcryforeverplz:
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Nice colors!!
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Thats a great representation to your story.
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wow... this looks so epic! it... lokks also sad... anyway... yeah... but awesome! its great! ^.^ <3
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you're very, very, VERY welcome! its my fav pic on DA!!
whoa!! thats deep!
its really amazing i love the contrast between the hot and warm colours
good job
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