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Afternoon Cruise

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According to that other Bronies math on RD's speeds, she actually has to slow down to let the SR71 keep up with her.

And I almost forgot Dashie's wings. It's unspeakable. :iconworstpossiblething:
That's also why they're a bit rushed. :-$

Also I intended to do some rainbow and vapour trail stuff but I'm already pretty exhausted. I might add that later ... or not ...

Week 56 MLP-ATG submission.
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I would like to note that the SR-71 normally flew at 80,000 feet.

At about 63,000 feet, water boils at body temperature. Beyond this altitude, bottled oxygen is useless; mammalian, avian, or pegasus lungs simply do not function. RD wouldn't survive without a pressure suit.

Admittedly, if her lungs etc. could withstand breathing air at higher pressure than her surroundings (which would kill a human), she might be able to get away with just an oxygen mask.

Also, at such high altitudes jet engines work (not very well though), because a significant part of their reaction mass comes from the fuel burned. RD's wings, however, can only generate thrust by pushing the ambient air backwards, which doesn't work too well when she's only displacing 3% as much air per wingbeat as she would at sea level. This would most likely overpower the drag reduction from the thinner air.
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And that Kids, is how you ruin the fun! :D
Nah, interesting facts, but we already know that there's magic involved with pegasi (since they can walk on clouds etc...), so why not let them fly far up? ;)
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Nice work! Love seeing stuff like this!
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pilot: sir iv got something small on radar next to my aircraft..
tower: what can you see out your window pilot
pilot: umm 0_o' nnnothin must be a glitch (i hope?)
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