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NC Wyeth, Ian McCaig, Mucha, Drew Struzan, Hiroaki Samura, J.C. Leyendecker, Adam Hughes
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terminator, aliens, amelie, star wars, leon, dark knight, willow, the fountain, seven, the arrival, logan
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Frank Herbert, George R.R. Martin, Shakespeare, Tolkien, Brandon Sanderson, Jane Austen, JK Rowling
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Mass Effect, KotoR, Dragon Age (not 2!), SWotR, I'm the biggest BioWare fangirl.
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x-box, sega genesis, ds
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Pencil, Ink, Watercolor/Guache, Prismacolor, Oil, digital
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illustration, animation, movies, board games, music, comics, books, brit-coms, and video games

Life woes.

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Been busy with real world crap. But finally got to watch Legend of Korra Book 3. OMG it's so good! I need to go back and frame by frame everything! Every time I watch Korra it makes me want to animate! Don't have much time to do it in though with everything that's going on nowadays.
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So yeah. Baby has been born! Whoo-hoo. She's actually 4 months old now. A little angel. I love her so much, but yeah maternity is over and I'm back at work. I'm also trying to get back to making art when I get a chance. Which I feel like I'm rusty at again. Also weird carpal tunnel issues have been plaguing me after the labor, in both wrists. It's pretty horrible. I'm really hoping after I stop breastfeeding it will subside. From what I've read online it is something that can happen with breastfeeding. So I'm really hoping its that and not my heavy-handed drawing finally catching up to me. The fact that my left wrist is also pretty bad gives
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Bun in the Oven

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Well everyone as if I didn't have a difficult enough time creating art on a regular basis, I went and got pregnant! So yeah that's where I've been the last few months. My first little one is due this October and I've been freaking out about getting my life organized and prepared for a new family member. I'm going to try and be better about making things. We'll see I'll at least try and keep up with my studies/sketches at the least.
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Nice gallery

Have a bunny
Thanks! I accept this bunny. :)
Hey, I was wondering if it would be alright if I posted some of your Harry Potter art on my HP tumblr? With credit and links back to you of course! Thank you for reading!
Sure that would be cool, you can credit back to my deviant or I'm also on Tumblr too, but I don't have my older stuff on there. :)

haha. I need to get back to making art. I just finally sat down thinking I'll try and doodle some, but then my baby woke up. Seems she didn't want to take a nap longer than 5 minutes. Alas. I'll try again later. But I'm not even sure what to draw, haha. Even in the five minutes I had I just sort of scribbled colors but didn't make anything worthwhile. looked more like some abstract blob. UGH I'm out of practice.
LOL whats her name btw?