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Warp Concepts.
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Concept work for an idea called 'Warp' that came to me a couple of months ago.

It's about a shrine maiden (kinda) bat and a big 'ol crow (sort of) who is always by her side. Mostly waiting for her to die.

..well it's slightly more complicated than that, but, there you go.

Thanks for looking!
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Numbsoul|Hobbyist General Artist
The idea it's too good to be as a part of a short film, or a ful story, congrats!!!!!

(I lobve the OC's, the concept of the always-waiting-reaper-on-ypur-side  it´s too cool, and the artwork, tHE ARTTTTTWOOOORRRRKKKKKKKKK!!!! Awesome's not enough to describe it)

Your art rocks, pal!!!!
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lonelynightrain's avatar
Your characters have such a beautiful and unique style. :)  I love it.
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MirkAssassin's avatar
She's so cute.
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trix334's avatar
trix334|Student General Artist
this sounds nice, do you need any help with the story? if so just ask!!
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... Did you by any chance happen to watch or read The Secratt Of Nimh before/while you made this?
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Twinkel13's avatar
Twinkel13|Hobbyist General Artist
I get a Don Bluth feeling from this.

not just that the bat reminds me of the one from Anastasia, the dark and intimidating bird is also very Don Bluth
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Om-nom-nomnivore's avatar
Om-nom-nomnivore|Student Traditional Artist
She's adorable! I'd love to see more of the story behind her!
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Ronrororo's avatar
Ronrororo|Student General Artist
This has to be one of my favourites in your gallery :heart: I'd love to see more of this characters :)
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anzul's avatar
aww the characters look so cute :)
and the art its beautiful :D
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supamanda's avatar
It's so cute!

Reminds me of the little bat guy from Anastasia.
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ChibiBug's avatar
Absolutely stunning. She is gorgeous!
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mufflifant's avatar
Awww that bat is awsome cute! Reminds me a little of the one in Disney's Anastasia I've loved that little thingy :>
Man I really miss good handdrawn films :(
Keep up your great work, I really enjoy watching :>
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MidoriRingo's avatar
They remind me of an olllddd animated film called, "The Secret of NIMH"!!
LOVE the bat, she's freakin' adorable! Great work!
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Batia's avatar
wow!! I love those character designs :)
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oddandweird's avatar
fantastic design my friend! draw more!
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Pandamanga21's avatar
Pandamanga21|Student General Artist
aw, she looks so cute!!
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Anxietydecending's avatar
Anxietydecending|Hobbyist Digital Artist
I'm reminded of that other white bat in that Don Bluth thing.
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JBellio's avatar
JBellio|Professional Digital Artist
this is gorgeous! and that villain creates such a great framing element! :D thanks for sharing :D
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redmoonx's avatar
looks like she´s elegant
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kazume-chu's avatar
ohmuhgod HOW OLD R U AGIEN? YOUR SO TALENTED T^T im so jelly
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Insanatee's avatar
Insanatee|Student General Artist
Looks like a cross between Fern Gully and Frank Millar.

Interesting concept, artwork is stunning, hope to see more!
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she looks cool you should put her in a comic
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PunkoSteam's avatar
Wow, a companion that waits for you to die. Makes you feel loved, right?
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