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This is Seth.

Someone asked me who Seth was when browsing my gallery a little while ago.

It's actually the original design for the first page of Living in Sin.

As Living in Sin is a satirical series altogether, I wanted to start it off like many manga's start out.. at least some of the more typical ones I've read. Main character walking along, minding his own business, while a box fills you in on all the details. Like. Name, age, other useless tidbits of information the writers like to put in like blood type or bra size.. :P It's silly.

So I figure Seth should be given the same treatment. Poooor Seth.
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Reminds me of Joe Leahy, the announcer on "Freakazoid", who interacted with the characters, often to the point of becoming part of the story he was announcing.
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A decade later, this is still my favorite thing in the world.
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No seriously, help me turn this thing off!
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the end is hilarious XD
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XDD You made my day!
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<3 this is cute! <3
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OMG my name is Seth!
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is this a manga or something? if it is tell me the name :)
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I thought he was a girl before i read the second box :P
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It'd be pretty funny if text boxes like that started following everyone around. Displaying our thoughts and life stories.
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In most cases, that would pretty much suck...


And sorry for replying to something you
replied about... a couple months ago...

I need a beer... (with roots in it)
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I almost for got about that...
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god this is hilarious!
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When text boxes attack.
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This is funny and amusing
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is funny,like him.
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