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Terraria Boss - Tundrantula.

By Endling
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Welp. Terraria consumed my life for the past week or two. And I've been struck with the golden pickaxe of inspiration. Well, that and I've had some spare time off the job (slaving away drawing monsters and bosses) so I can.. draw.. monsters and bosses.

I can't help myself. Especially with a game that has this much potential. Exploring, foraging, fighting for survival, protecting your land from invasions, big bosses.. if they keep updating like this I'm going to lose my soul before Skyrim even gets a chance to claim it. (Farming..? NPC factions..? More recipes? Oh god help me. :heart:)

Terraria is a game created by the good folks at Re-Logic. Check 'em out! [link]
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"An eight-legged menace is prowling the tundra..."
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"A terrible snowstorm brews"

"Tundrantula has awoken"
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thIS should be in terraria
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Hippity Hoppity it's thorium's property
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Didn't the thorium mod make this the first HM boss?
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borean strider
DerpSansPro's avatar
I think they made this a legit boss. 
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we     eeeeee
    eee           eee
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This needs to be in Calamity or Thorium
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That would be awesome.
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pretty Sure This is What Inspired The Borean Strider In Thorium
So Wish Granted?
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I love it dude! Have you considered getting into modding?
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Diggin it :D  I think because I love spiders and snow, such a good combination :3
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nice a lot like thorium's borean strider
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That's because the Borean Strider is based off this.
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The guy at the bottom right looks like a Robloxian
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I like how the thorium wiki says that the Borean Strider 'bears resemblance' with this, while the only things they have in common are snowiness and transparent butts.
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I love this concept! It could make sense as a spider nest boss too, kind of like the Queen Bee in her hive minibiome. The one criticism I have as a bio major is that a tundra biome spider would probably be super fuzzy! But the way you depicted it is a lot more intimidating than an eight-legged fluffalupugus. :) The art in this is amazing, though! Keep on doing your thing!
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Ew... That broken abdomen thing is gross :p
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I love the idea!
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Im Guessing The Spider Egg Spawns A Tiny Tundrantula? If So I Would Love To See It
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