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By Endling
Random comic I did a while ago.

The unholy commander of Legion is nothing without a fearsome, pointy maw. The minty freshness is also a perk!

Ree, Tooth Demon, minty freshness © `Endling
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© 2011 - 2021 Endling
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This comic is awesome!

I Love it so much!

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I honestly thought this was a series, it has so much potential to be one,
just from this comic strip alone, great job! :D
shadow1490's avatar
Can I used your comic for a comic dub please?
tron1112's avatar
Thank you squig, you do the orks proud
Charles-Knapp's avatar
The only downside is that she can't accidentally bite her lip or tongue for the rest of her life. 
CraftyMaelyss's avatar
This is epic as heck!
Six-Princesses's avatar
I would just love to have fly ass teeth like that, thst would be so cool.
...I tried to find this comic on google this morning. And there is is on "what's hot."
9gag happened.
MonstersMenagerie's avatar
I am all for these little guys giving me sharp teeth :thumbsup: This is a cute little comic!
PYRASMUS's avatar
Nothing quite like situational comedy. 10/10
junichan's avatar
Saw this on tumblr forever ago. This is still one of my favorite comics ever 
That-One-Bean's avatar
CrispyKarasz's avatar
Shame she won't get a date with those chompers.
Csubakkaa's avatar
Are you nuts?! I'd definitely date her! :)
dragonman07's avatar
I'd date her, ESPECIALLY with those chompers.
pionex-123456's avatar
she will need to be EXTREAMLY CAREFUL, I mean, can you imagine how much it would hurt if she bit her tung  or her cheek, that would hurt and bleed ALOT!
RikaKittyNyanNyan's avatar
can Legion visit me in my slumber? I want teef like that...
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