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Made this picture as a thank you post over on my Tumblr. ( )

Ani's already unsure of her abilities to manage a junker cycle when unintentionally airborne, never mind with a Sadi attached to the back.

Thanks for stopping by folks!
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Remids me of Michiko To Hatchin.

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Haha, I love the energy and the expressions in this painting, well done ! :D
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I love this so much!! What brushes/pens/settings do you use? I'm trying to find a way to make my art brushes feel more manga-like and I think you do a perfect job! 
tranki-zieleniack's avatar
the expression of older girl is masterpiece :D
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Ani's youre a great rider of motorcycle
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the colors in this are great, they just go so good with eachother
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That is a riot!
Love it.
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Is that little girl just unbreakable or something? 
SERPENT1NE's avatar
Makes me think of michiko and hatchin if they were reversed xD Good stuff
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This is really making me smile xD
That little girl should be careful of the exhaust pipe...
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That is absurdly dangerous; unless that girl driving is going at a high volatility, the other one will get major scrapes for that stunt.

Cool are though. Should put some effort on the background.
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This makes me smile, alot of your drawings have made me smile. > u <
Sarah-k-Stevenson's avatar
this is hilarious ! I love the movement in the drawing .
I sincerely hope someone is paying you a boat load of money, because you are a kickass artist! 
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freakin' love this.
really fun vibe, and mannnn i dig that junker cycle. :]
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Reckless and cute! This is very well done.
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I like her overall looking pants there
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LOL we had the same idea ... somehow. ;)…
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