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S. Rumble: Vs. Seth - Part 1.

Well, here we go, folks.

The OC Tournament: Rumble in the Summer '07 continues.. and it's coming down to the wire.

This time Ree has to face Seth, a character of :iconsethxhellsing: .

Seth is a friend of mine. :3 And I had a lot of fun making this.

(As a horrendous of a time as it was in points.. more on that in the final entry.)

Next: [link]

Rumble in the Summer hosted by *Evil-Jevil
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Reel123's avatar
Wow, did not see that coming.
Incredible piece! 
L0vanoArts's avatar
love it! followed this since ever and i found you again!
milovedeathnote's avatar
this is just.... EPIC
Helios-No-Jinn's avatar

Wow, I wish I had been in that tournament.
cmaribegonia's avatar
I didn't read the Ree comics chronologically. This was the first one I came by. When I saw that last pic with all of Ree's demons, I was like O.O AWESOMEEE!
Insanepayne's avatar
Are they chrono? This is the first one I am reading so dang...
cmaribegonia's avatar
You have to start with Lazarus first. Then voyager. Then Angel. But heck, I loved reading Seth first.
zergrush23665's avatar
the wide panel 2/3 the way down, the one with all the weapons gave me one reaction:

whut in the fu-----------------------?!?
MatrixPotato's avatar
I had a feeling something like that would happen xD Amazing work!
IndustrialComics's avatar
Things just got Awesome!
bitybaby45's avatar
that last panel is simply gorgeous :heart:
Ralciukhy's avatar
wow ! so amazing! :clap:
star-bunny-honeybee's avatar
lol hes probably like "OH SHIZ!" :iconzomgplz:
meperson94's avatar
I would have crapped my pants right there!
globepb's avatar
antigravity93's avatar
i really like this idea of an OC tournament... thats freakin cool!
This is my favorite of this series so far!!
ziginz's avatar
ree gonna kick your ass, kick your ass, kick your ass
PikachuProdigy's avatar
This is so f*cken' dynamic!
nanfesii's avatar
Looks like fun :)
xluftiax's avatar
amazing the last picture!!
BakaChibiRisu's avatar
I love it!! :O Oh gosh i really love the way u draw.. :O
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