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Rex Reference Sheet.

Name: "Rex"
Age: Unknown.
Occupation: Bound servant of Ree.
Likes: Cigarettes, kittens, irish folk music, garlic, televangelists, karaoke, Godzilla.
Dislikes: stuffed animals (he thinks they laugh at him), reading, commercials, psychologists, the internet.
Song: "Supernaut" by 1000 Homo DJs.

A compilation of Rex sketches/doodles, some colored in Photoshop. The "other half" of the sheet, the one for Ree, is here: [link]

Though bound to serve Ree as part of the Legion, she is often cleaning up after him.
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reminds me so much of murdock from gorillaz ;-;-;
NizhoniNochez's avatar
Don't look at his small feet..........XXDXD there so adorable
VirTaAshi's avatar
...How come when I see him, I think Mugen from Samurai Champloo?
torivan6's avatar
just  i love ur work 
angi-pants's avatar
this is the coolest ref sheet i've ever seen, Rex is hillariously awesome :D and I love all ur different styles!!
IVbenjamin's avatar
evvervescent's avatar
This is just wonderful! I love it!
radiocreature's avatar
hmm, I can see alot of these being a series lol
RusPa3n's avatar
:I... Im Like so amazed about him. Im loving how he act,dresses,and his doings with what he does with his life :D FTW im a fan of your Character! Great job on him
0oleticiao0's avatar
rex and ree makes me think in murdoc and noodle
padraven's avatar
E-challenger's avatar
HA HA! I like this guy. Typical wanna-be-player. I have a character just like him but I don't have the art program to justify him as excellent as you did to yours.
0mura's avatar
all i've been wondering is this, does Rex have any special powers or something
liu8588's avatar
good handsome design~
Kurokamen's avatar
These are so good. Really teaches you about the character development. Keep em coming.
Sinclair-milo's avatar
the never surprised part was funny!
CherieBits's avatar
Oh! You forgot some things in his likes!! I belive you forgot Kittens... kittens... did I mention kittens? Oh! And kittens
KISMET-is-FATE's avatar
hehe I like this guy^^
gemma09's avatar
just pure awesomeness
youlittlepunk's avatar
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