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A short comic introducing some new characters of mine. I hope to be able to draw more of them in the future. I've got webcomics on the brain again..
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Really cute!
Saw this on IFunny so I came to give it the support it deserves!
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Are these original characters? If so i wouldnt mind to hear more of their story
ninio-solei's avatar
Jeez I saw this comic strip many times around the internet, but then I turns out I have seen it in DA before.

Great work, it's sad that not many times they put the attribution.
bruudwin's avatar
5 years ago!?! holy cow we're all getting old!
Thanks for making and sharing this all those years ago! Still remembering stumbling \ finding this through various media (probably imgur though)
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awww this comic made me so happy
c-candy485's avatar
Ok that's cute.  very well done.
starmic's avatar
this is so cute 
AloeDreams's avatar
Awwwww *crying-laughing* that's so sweet!
S-A-Diamond's avatar
Genius joke Airborne power of friendship Hug really interesting style and characters La la la la instant +fav 
l-chara-7's avatar
I love the art style!
JacquelineVFD's avatar
PumperPenny's avatar
Your drawings remind me of some old Studio Ghibli movies I used to hoard. I like it.
PeppiePeppurskie's avatar
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That's so cute
VanquishedAlice's avatar
cant wait to read their full story :)
DoS-Draw's avatar
Potion seller, I'm going to battle, and I require your happiest potion :)
kringsomjones's avatar
kkkkk lolmao nyse
This is really fun!

Tatsuonna's avatar
This is an amazing intro - I am really, *really* looking forward to entering this world...!
Devu7's avatar
Well played.
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