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PokeMonster Hunter.

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Published: November 2, 2010
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EDIT: Thanks to the folks at Kotaku.com for the feature! [link]


The Thunderbolt Set crafting materials are as follows..

Head: Debrained Pikachu Noggin x1, TM 24 x1
Chest: Voltorb Shrapnel x 8, Flaaffy Sinew x1
Arms: Electivire Fluff x12, Charged Bits x4
Waist: Starched Raikou Scalp x1, Pointy Jowls x1
Legs: Manectric Skull x2, Frizzy Ankle Slices x2
Lance: Zapdos Beak x1, Borked Magneton x5, Vire Wire x3

Points: +15 Choosing Pwr, -5 PETA Favor

I imagine this idea has been done before, somewhere in the vast internet plains, but. The idea struck me and would not be refused.

Still. This. This'd be some ripe Grade-A nerdery right here, no bones about it. Thanks for coming to take a gander! xD

Monster Hunter is brought to you by the good folks at Capcom. Pokeymanz is, of course, Nintendo's babby.
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question what's the shield gonna be, a galvantula shell?
Khasdannyanlord's avatar
KhasdannyanlordStudent Traditional Artist
my god this is so popular on pinterest and i find you here!!!!
TheIndividualPanda's avatar
really nice

i might give it a go
Kaod-Mistress's avatar
That is just beeeeeeautiful!
Bellis-Wingclaw's avatar
Bellis-WingclawHobbyist Photographer
Epic XD
Manu125's avatar
Manu125Hobbyist Digital Artist
This is why pokemon never exist in the real world :(
Evodolka's avatar
EvodolkaHobbyist Traditional Artist
ok that looks pretty freaking cool :la:
ShogunsReach's avatar
ShogunsReachProfessional Traditional Artist
A great tribute piece to both franchises! 
darksig93's avatar
Gosh, that's awesome, do more!!!
Treecko642's avatar
Couldn't it just be a Pikchua Head. Why the 'Debrained' part?
violetthebat1's avatar
violetthebat1Hobbyist Digital Artist
this is stunning! ;)
ShyGuyWolf's avatar
ShyGuyWolfHobbyist Interface Designer
this is a really cool piece.
BilalTano's avatar
BilalTanoHobbyist Traditional Artist
So bad ass!
Oroum's avatar
I guess the weapon is a funny-designed longsword or greatsword. Stats ? :3
evergreenstream's avatar
evergreenstreamHobbyist General Artist
ever heard of a spear or pike??? also...is that zapdos head...
evergreenstream's avatar
evergreenstreamHobbyist General Artist
or lance??
Oroum's avatar
Nah, lances/spears are always accompanied by a shield in Monster Hunter. Hence my comment.
evergreenstream's avatar
evergreenstreamHobbyist General Artist
but this isn't remotely shaped like q great sword
Oroum's avatar
Man, I have seen some wonky shapes among greatswords, AND longswords. This here would hardly be a stretch. But ultimately, I was asking the artist, and was interested in whatever he wanted to make it.
evergreenstream's avatar
evergreenstreamHobbyist General Artist
well if you would check the description it says lance....
ghost-nerdy's avatar
ghost-nerdyStudent General Artist
lol awesome 
elperico13's avatar
elperico13Hobbyist Traditional Artist
this guys should exist in pokemon would bring in so much more story possibilities
Edenentern's avatar
that would be cool but then he will have to be killing pokemon, if they added that it won't be safe for kids anymore :P
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