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ARRRGH TIME TO UPLOAD. First of a  couple of things I want to move over from my Tumblr..  which is where I've been posting most of my stuff as of late.  (Over yonder in case anyone was wondering: )

I don't even know if anyone is watching here anymore but.. well,  think it's high time I give folks something to watch.

Thanks for stopping by!
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Maka from Soul Eater?
DeathofInk's avatar
Your characters are so well drawn and interesting! :D
mioki2315's avatar
Endling your the bee's knees, i dont check my DA very often but seeing your works of art really bring a smile to my face, keep up the good stuff! :3
ReginaZelfiXD's avatar
Is that a red trinket? Cute! Lilith ar eyou glaring because youre jealous?
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umlando's avatar
I watch! I watch! Thanks for posting.
Mrmonkeyalsodraws's avatar
love your work. you should keep posting! 
CommaderofHetalia's avatar
she looks like Maka from soul eater
zJoriz's avatar
Heh. "The two-who-should-not-have-met meet". Brilliant scene.
OurHands's avatar
Jesus, I really hate it when this happens to me.
But yes, beautiful work. :)
ShiroShototsu's avatar
Wow, her look reminds me of the first time I saw Uryuu Ishida! Oooh~
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I always look forward to your stuff. You have great style and your work never disappoints! 
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Red button spotted.
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you're back! and so are lilith and ree! STAY. PLEASE.
GoodMoeJo's avatar
Welcome back! Love seeing these characters again!!
Prinnia's avatar
i'm still watching...i still love you :iconyuicryplz:
IndustrialComics's avatar
Yes, we still watch!  :eager:  With great anticipation!

You have been missed!
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Love the little charms on Ree's backpack.  Never quite figured Lil would have loose pens in a pocket on the front, thought she would be all orderly with them in a specific place in her backpack.
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