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LoT: Lilith Reference Sheet.



Character reference for the OC tournament I'm participating in, Law of Talos: [link]

It's time Lilith got a little chance to shine by her lonesome, with no meddlesome Ree's cramping her style. X3 Or so she'd say. Wish us luck in the contest!


Some extra information about Lilith:


Lilith has spent the majority of her young life in the suburban town of Calton, after her parents moved to the states from Hong Kong when she was a toddler. A privileged only child, she received the best schooling, summer tutoring and extracurricular education, the benefits of coming from a successful line of doctors, the handed-down profession of her father and his father before him. (Her mother is a pharmacologist.)
Lilith has been groomed to carry on this line of work, but soon after learning the extent of its ins-and-outs (lame surgical pun), grew bored with the notion. At least until she discovered the frontier that lay beyond the mere act of saving lives. And that would be bringing them back long after they were believed to be deceased.

Lilith's studies were conducted in her parents' seldom-used basement (even more seldom once Lilith put a complex series of locks on the door), the walls lined with occult books, scrawled magical equations spliced into scientific theorems, and the odd band poster or drawing.

And sure enough, after a few years, she very nearly perfected the art, only in a somewhat unorthodox manner. Returning the souls of the dead to their human bodies was a bit beyond her reach, as hauling a corpse in the front door would most likely raise a brow or two. (Not from her parents. Lilith knows for a fact they don't so much glance at her unless it's to check on how her grades are coming. She is more concerned about the hired help around the house and suspicious snooping.)

So, without human hosts to work with, she looked instead to her ample supply of toys. When she was about four or five, her parents discovered Lilith's acute love of dolls, and never bothered to seek out a more age-appropriate gift as the years went by.

Then, something happened. And Lilith's life was changed very unexpectedly by another young girl. But that's another story entirely. :)

The Clockwork Bunny:

C.B, in the context of the Law of Talos tournament, is Lilith's primary battle unit. It is an adaptive sort of soldier, fed a steady supply of scrap metal and.. well, pretty much anything else. A progressive invention, the Clockwork's advancements are unpredictable, its transformations varying wildly given what it is fed and in what amounts.
Going with the necromancer analogy again, C.B would be Lilith's golem. The type of unit you can only have one of, but it is your main powerhouse. (Even if it is rather diminuative. For now, anyway.) The rest of Lilith's squad are smaller dolls with specific purposes, usually backup artillery, recon, etc.
In terms of intelligence, Clockwork is unshakeably loyal to Lilith and will go to any length to protect her, even if it means putting itself in intense danger's way.

It's movements are shaky and erratic, and it speaks in a tongue only Lilith seems to understand, sounding much like a blender full of iron gears being pushed through a rusty chainsaw.

The SkullCap:

One of Lilith's earliest experiments on soul transfer dealt with human skulls she stole from her high school, figuring it to be the closest she'd get to a human corpse. (This was prior to her turning to her doll horde as a solution.)
Her work on them granted them a level of sentience. They are not able to speak but their expression changes often.
Their primary use, however, are as a sort of storage battery and magic collection device. Working with magic takes quite a toll on the user, and Lilith's first solution was to provide herself a way of channeling it to her body automatically as opposed to manually.
As a result of this, the skulls are brimming with dormant power, an excess of supply to Lilith's own self-taught magical ability. In a pinch, it works to power herself up after an extensive session of her craft, or to send one of her creations/spells into overdrive.

The Attitude:

Lilith is nothing if she's not confident, but it doesn't rule her personality. She prefers to be taken seriously, but not be seen as a self absorbed degenerate.
She takes pride in her appearance physically, fashionably and elegantly, and carries herself with the bravado of a girl who would be insulted if you referred to her using that term. She is in quite a hurry to be a woman, although her nature is still that of a young girl, and she can't fully hide it whether she likes it or not. She is prone to bouts of frustration that she has a hard time controlling, and is easier to fluster than she lets on.

That's all for now. :3

- Lilith, Clockwork Bunny©S.Healey/*Endling
- Sprite bases used in ref sheet were from FF6. :3 (Magicite ftw.) ©Square
- "Heaven or Hell, Let's Rock!" very obviously©Guilty Gear, Arc System Works
- Law of Talos OC tournament©*Sins-Of-Angels
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