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When I heard Bowser Jr. was in the Wii U Smash Bros I was.. not even remotely excited. I dunno, I never really cared much for Bowser Jr.

So then I found out the alternate skins were the Koopalings, I thought.. okay that's a little cooler but still a character I'll just try out on a lark.

..aaaaand now they are like my favorite character to play as. Well, them and Mac. ( I have been rooting for Mac to get in since Melee, and he does not disappoint. Punch Out is one of my fave NES games of all time. )

Any fellow Smashers in the audience? Favorite new character? Who are you maining? 8O
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this is literally like-
the best fucking thing ever
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Happy Birthday!^^
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Ludwig looks like he's got some kinda malocclusion... real teeth do not work like that lol!
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I love this. I wish you still used Deviantart, though.
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The Koopa Kids at their best. Nice work. 🐢💚💚💚💚
I know this is late and probably asked many times before, but when do you plan on continuing your Living in sin series? Just asking.
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i've always loved playing Toon Link and Jigglypuff, but nobody plays those guys |D
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Oh my. I wouldnt want to be in there...also-SMASH IS MY FAVORITE GAME I LOVE THIS AND I PLAY AS IKE!
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amazing drawings u have in your gallery! :D
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The MAC!! I also play Lucina and Cloud :D
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I've always liked the Koopalings as favorite bosses in any Mario games (mostly Super Mario World).
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I love your art, but this image saddens me. Bowser Jr is actually my favorite Nintendo character out of every property Nintendo owns, so when I heard he was officially joining Smash I vowed that I would put in the practice and main him no matter how his playstyle ended up being (along with Ness who had been my MAIN main since the first game).

I've loved Bowser Jr since he first showed up. He's gone toe-to-toe with Mario, done the legwork of basically commanding his father's army while Bowser sits in the castle, and was still devoted enough to find a way to bring his dad back from the dead (I can only hope I have a son like that someday) without ever complaining. I don't know why he gets so much hate.
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Larry if one of my top favorites and LOL angry Morton
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Wendy is getting smacked down there xD
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Who is your favourite Koopaling?

- Bowser Jr
- Lemmy
- Larry
- Morton
- Roy
- Wendy
- Iggy
- Ludwig
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I'd favourite this pic 8 times if I could!
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this is such a cute picture!

also i tend to use sheik (dark clothes option) but my friends banned me from using the character because of how fast it is so then i go to pikachu (w/ googles) or greninja (purple)
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I tend to use a blend. Although I mostly stick with Lemmy, Yoshi, or Bowser. Sometimes I'll pick Ness, Mewtwo, or Link if I am feeling a little less goofy and more serious.
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I main Link but right now I love messing with people as Duck Hunt
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Great picture!:dummy:
Ahhahha I main Lemmy and the white Kirby owo...and maybe Mario :'D
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I'm definitely a Mr. Game&Watch player. Nothing beats his down smash, or his side B. They're the best.I play some Megaman too, but I still have to work around how to beat Rob.

I've dabbled with the koopalings, and man, they're good. Have no idea hoe to use properly tho.
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