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By Endling
Got to admit. I've been loving doing monochrome and colorless sketch work lately. I guess it may not stand out as much as the full-color paintwork, but.. all the same, it really feels like 'home', haha.

Rosie and her twin sister have been in the custody of the Everafter asylum longer than any other patients ever committed, due to a particularly disastrous condition that refuses to improve.

Rosie is also extremely restless, and dislikes sitting still for long periods of time.

These two factors, as you might guess, make for a serious conflict of interest.

Thanks for stopping by to look!

Rosie © `Endling
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© 2011 - 2021 Endling
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haruhihana's avatar
This is pretty!
ihdneph's avatar
I super love your monochromatic stuff!
Rescope's avatar
shewolf66's avatar
this-is-a-paradox's avatar
This piece totally portrays such an interesting character. So cool! I love the way you made her face. Those eyes... whoa. I also like the upside-down thing you did there.
AmapolaSola's avatar
such a great piece cant wait to see her again:happybounce:
EdgedWeapon's avatar
Nice. Love the eyes.
Cotyaan's avatar
Holy pants! Creepy, yet beautiful. Definitely, fav
iryska727's avatar
creepy eyes :s
Kilamija's avatar
Awww, zipper mouth :)
AdamAliHARRAT's avatar
wow love this one
MrSerikos's avatar
impatience is probably why im not a better artist...
Chriss-art's avatar
i love your line :)
BlakeGreene's avatar
This is such a great drawing.
It's simple, but she exudes personality all the same.
femalechinraccoon's avatar
This. Is. Gorgeous. I love your style soooo much. <3
theSingularityguy's avatar
... i thought it was GLADoS
decoypanda's avatar
I love your style but she creeps hell out of me
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CloudCoverdMoon's avatar
I love your drawing style!
shiyufu's avatar
Man, you are so cool! I have loved your style and the few pages of your comic a lot, I'm glad you're updating again!
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