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HaveBirthday 2012.

By Endling
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As ~HaveConquest made for my last birthday, I could not allow the passage of his own birthday without reciprocating. >8U

It started out as a simple birthday sketch. Robo-girl lights a birthday candle with a flamethrower.

But no, this isn't enough. There must be more to this story.

This is Candle, an intergalactic space robot driven by an unfathomable hatred of muffins, likely hardwired within her by some vengeful, baked good loathing scientist. She tears through the galaxy on a mission to eradicate every last one from existence. With extreme prejudice.

Or however much prejudice one can derive from a muffin.

She will find you, ~HaveConquest . Mark my words. BE PREPARED.

Oh and also have a happy birthday.
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I was gonna say thats awfully big flame to light a birthday cancle until I read the description lol.

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A robot chick on a quest to rid the galaxy of muffins: this needs its own motion picture!
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Adorable and functional.
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Wow, very nicE!
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This is awesome. Reminiscent to Battle Angel. Top notch.
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BWAHAHA DAT BACKSTORY! She should be a video game character!
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Really nice work on the cybernetic parts!  They have a great look to them and her face has such a great expression of happiness and contentment.  Keep up the good work!
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No, go ahead. I can't say no to that face.
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Very nice illustration. Good detail and detail to color amazing. 
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this is sweet and awesome at the same time!
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Ohmygosh that's ADORABLE!
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I've been trying to think of a way to make a sci-fi D&D style game. Thanks to this pic, I now have my answer. Endling, you are my new personal demi-God. Sorta.
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ehehehehehehehe, muffins
i like her hair
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She just looks so cheerful! The focus of the piece is interesting - my attention went to the cupcake first, then to her face, and only then realized that she's mechanical from the neck-down! I especially love the design of her arms.
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:iconpvtcabooseplz: "Church!!! Some angry robot lady is trying to burn my cupcakes!!!" D:

That's what came to mind first. XD
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