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Finale - 4.

*UPDATE* Added additional two pages.

Previous: [link]

Next: (coming soon)

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The Climber©*Unknown-person
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Wait a minute where is the ending?

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they forgot to add a link to the next part

here you go:

RoughCut Finale - 5
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This seems somewhat onesided, for Red's side that is.
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For those who want to know how this concludes, there are Endzone Conclusion Summary comic panels (2 of them) somewhere here in Endling's gallery. Endling more-or-less ran out of time to do the full conclusion they wanted before they got bogged down, so the summaries are what we get unless someone decides to go the extra mile in Endling's name. 
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I'm still watching this story since years of being in deviantart. I hope all of you are ok.
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this is really good, really is.
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holy flying blue pig on a stick she just punched his head right off I can't believe I'm saying this but Climber you are lucky Big Bad Wolfe is here err in you (I can't believe I just typed that I never thought I would ever have to type such a thing but I did it wow) 
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There should be more law of talos, and endzone it's all amazing
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What? No, where's the rest? ENDLING WHY
redsnivy's avatar the big black evil thing is called wolf...and from what i know that girl is called red....Anyone getting a twisted little red riding hood feel from this?
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Is this still going on?'s 2015.....XD.....
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i found this…
 it seems like the same one made it though i am not 100% sure 
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You're the reason I read this thing Eevee >:T
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XD XD XD I'm dying laughing right now trying not to make my knee any worse and not to choke on my food XD
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Sorry Guv'nor.
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Did ah kill him?
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Karl: You killed the girl! 
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Q~Q this is so amazing, but has this been updated recently? Keep up the good work if this project is still alive :D
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