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Finale - 3.

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And now, after all that.. let's actually get to the fight then, shall we?

Coming up next.

Everafter and all therein©`Endling
The Climber©*Unknown-person
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Thanks a lot Wolf, you dangus.
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Those eyes man those are the eyes of someone who has seen some horrible nasty traumatic shit that is impossible to forget............damn Red just damn
Devilactive's avatar
Red has not had a very happy existence.
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climber is the most friendly preson i saw here, then chimbley, then dood
Hate-Eater's avatar
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Even if he is evil I like the hand Big Bad Wolf gave Climber.
ZeroTornado's avatar
Poor Climber... he's about to get his ass handed to him
ColdyLivesAgain's avatar
Correction: he's about to get his ass handed to him on a silver platter XD
krourou2's avatar
... Well, s#*%&#$!
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I love Endzone, my friends tell me all about it but never tell me where to read it...could anyone please tell me where? I'm so curios
whiskeyii's avatar
This is coming a year late, so you probably already have the answer to this, but Endzone is an OCT set up by the user Endling, which means that multiple people created entries for Rounds leading up to the Finale. Unknown-Person won with Climber, so I guess you could say he has the "canon" story (whoever wins typically has his or her story accepted as the "true" outcome of the tournament). Endling does, however, have a comic of his own up and running. It's called "Ever After," and it's hosted on
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Mainly, I've been watching Unknown-Person's flash series of Climber's story, the last being a preview of this one. Otherwise... I have no clue, sorry.
Tobilollipop's avatar
I LOVE this art! :D
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Fight him Climber! Fight him!
luv red! so awesome! and yet again, climber is adorable. big bad makes me wet my pants. :iconredplz: :iconclimberplz:
can't wait to see this finished! your my fav artist on deviantart.
FuzzyxPanda's avatar
You just love keepin 'em on the edge of their seat, don't cha? XD
Brujitaloveskurama's avatar
dont let me fav more times the DeviantArt
[sorry for bad english]
Brujitaloveskurama's avatar
me gusta bastante este comic
like me so much the design of the characters specialment
really i adore it
nasty-fairy527's avatar
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Awesome. What program do you use? I have Manga Studio 3.0 and I'm having trouble using it. I have no idea how to find the talk bubbles. D:
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