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May 5, 2009
Finale - 2 by `Endling: "I love the use of grayscale tones and facial expressions in this sequence!"
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Suggested by kamizuki
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Finale - 2

Previous: [link]
Next: [link]

Last page of this column. New page will begin another next week.

Now all the players are in place. <3

Everafter & all therein©`Endling
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Whitespy6's avatar
Red is best girl. (hehe... sorry)Sweating a little... 
EnderKittyOfRainbows's avatar
his hand fell off x3
hinnochan's avatar
Korwynze's avatar
when the hand of climber is cut off he sayd eep, great!
Hate-Eater's avatar
Almost... almost there
igboos's avatar
Secretsister16's avatar
Aww. So cute how she was wanting to trust him... But sadly it didn't happen.
girlgunner's avatar
Stupid Big Bad Wolf....
Secretsister16's avatar
Lovin the icon hun XD
girlgunner's avatar
Mach6omega's avatar
I like how she's mute yet her face say everything
Cercan's avatar
Lankikek's avatar
Why you're so amazing?
Jakethemutt76's avatar
good thing he's left handed, nice dude
Blooberry95's avatar
I accidentally read it right to left XD I got confused and forgot this wasn't the Japanese kind of comics :P Fail. But I love your style~! :iconiderpitplz::iconheart3dplz:
SunSunich's avatar
This is so awesome! red so fierce! i love red's expressions and climber is of course, adorable.
OnlyOnePerson's avatar
you make my horrible drawings look even more horrible.
Good Work!:D
FlukeLayer's avatar
jaw droppingly superb !! i hate you :D only playing love it
Ivory-Shadows's avatar
woah. hand.

this is slick stuff.
Burning-Night's avatar
Ya know, I have a question.
Where does Red keep her saw? Does she summon it or hide it in her cloak? Or somewhere else?
xilefti's avatar
me encanto
citrush2o's avatar
This is gunna get good... >.>
MegaJamieV's avatar
This is looking good. Can't wait to see more.
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