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Finale - 1

Next: [link]

The end starts here.

From here on out, every week there will be an update to the finale until it is complete. Yeah, you heard me. Like old times with Everafter. Whether it's three pages, a single one, or a handful of panels, it doesn't stop till it's over.

You'll notice the art changing from time to time. This was started when Endzone initially finished, and since then in every attempt to keep working on it little bits changed. You're going to see it became as much an experiment as the actual Everafter comic was intended to be. I apologize for the lack of consistency, but I trust you can take it for what it is worth and enjoy.

Once this column is big enough, I'll be updating with another and going from there.

Unknown? Sorry this took so long man. I'll make it worth your while. :)

Climber, Clarice©*Unknown-person
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omg this is almost as good as sunny d. but not completely

srry i give only 11/10. too little sunny d
minitumen's avatar
I just love this
Sammy8D257's avatar
Wait I'm confused
So did Unknwon beat all of the other characters?
Cuz I just went through his Endzone
Along the way I also found other comics that portrayed the stroy line differently
which one's the real story line?!
Umbreon-Pie0126's avatar
i dont know sammy, i dont know... XD
Sammy8D257's avatar
oh it's okay now...
I have it all figured out now....
Hate-Eater's avatar
How good you've become since the first one...
Madam--Kitty's avatar
y didn't unknown person finish what he started? I don't mean 2 put down any1 but isn't it weird how unknown does so much work on end zone up 2 this point where the story switches artist. so y didn't he do the finish?
Tarik94's avatar
LilPsychoHTF's avatar
WWWWWWWOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWW SOOOO FUCKIN AMAZING!!!!!! srry i'm LilPsychoHTF's sis want to draw YOU something..........can I draw......A pic of Climber and Lil Red for you.......tis not a battle pic, its a..........LOVE PIC!!!! Would you let me?
Secretsister16's avatar
I like it. But I do hope you will post more on you ever after comic on snafu
Alleluia00's avatar
So is it over? Will there be more Everafter soon?
ProjectI25's avatar
I wish I could join a competition. Man I have a few characters that I would love to see in something like this. *Sighs* But I cannot draw as well as the rest so I doubt I'll see any of my characters in these competitions. I'll just settle with reading em. :D

Mistshine13's avatar
This seriously reminds me of The Hunger Games. xD
I am obsessed with your work. You've inspired me with my own style, and thanks to you I'm creating my own comic(s). Sure, one's anthro, but still. <3 You are friggin amazing. I aspire to become like you one day. ♥
yume-soul210's avatar
ok I think just died from awesomness. x.x it's really cool I love the way climber looks.
SunSunich's avatar
Nice art, but I', having trouble figuring what the whole thing is about...
blargthedestroyer's avatar
That was some sic animation even by your standards.
Because you are so awesome we fans will never be satisfied.
dactan's avatar
good morning, I liked the comic, I think it has an interesting plot, but unfortunately I'm bad for English. if not trouble, I would ask permission to translate the comic to Spanish (I refer only to the series of Everafter) ... if not a nuisance.
zeroquicksilver's avatar
wat did you draw that with
U-R-IU's avatar
fantastic! make a bd ill buy!
Madbuns's avatar
Nice job. I really like the art and the shading in this comic. Your comics are so amazing and worth reading. I read your comic on and loved it. ^_^ I can't wait to see more of your work.
fher68's avatar
is very good
memphis05's avatar
What program did you use for this?
citrush2o's avatar
W00t! Another professional grade comic! Keep em crankin man! ;)
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