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Red CAN be the enthusiastic type, she just requires a stronger catalyst than most.. like, say, NOT being incarcerated in a labyrinthian asylum for dangerous fairytale maniacs.

Goldi's reasons for excitement, on the other hand, are more 'I just found the book that I lost on top of my head' grade.

Red, Goldi©`Endling
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Daefaroth2's avatar
LOVE this <3 how did you get the faded photo look? desaturate > color ?
shewolf66's avatar
Endling...when are you gonna finish the comic? Just askin is all...
SharpestKatana's avatar
Us red smiling or does she have a slightly aggressive face? When I look on my phone on the gallery it looks like shes smiling. But when I press the pic it and zooms in.... You know the rest.
SharpestKatana's avatar
I sincerely doubt I'm going to get an answer. But it's an open question.
TouchyGrunt's avatar
I love the look on reds face...still more expressions than Kristan Sturet
AquariusYaoi's avatar
oh! OH! :O kawaii!!
iryska727's avatar
I love your facial expressions :) You are doing it really well. I like a way you draw as well
BelieveInTacos's avatar
Did you write Ever After? :)
nosykitty's avatar
this is so cute! i love it!
mad-man-aka-joshua-p's avatar
are you going back to ever after?
i really enjoyed the pages that were posted ^^ just looking forward to anymore that's all
decoypanda's avatar
your stuff really puts the GRIM in grim fairy tales
AltoClarinetist's avatar
So far I like the story and the characters. I love Goldilocks
Britt315's avatar
I love their expressions!! THis is a lovley sketch!!:la:
Bombfishe's avatar
Red and Gold - colours of royalty.
And as far as traditional fairy tales go, gaining the status of royalty is probably one of most common happy endings.

MyDarksky101's avatar
even in the asylum people need friends
forest-fawn's avatar
b'aww, They need this more often :'D
Aw. I really wish we could see how the fairy-tale inmates interact with each other some day. We've only seen them alone so far. I bet it would be a hoot.
NeoMidna79's avatar
I miss them and the comic sooo much!!!!!!!!! I wish I can see them again!! Aww they can be adorable at times including Red.
Woerlan's avatar
Awwwww. I miss these two.
lovelife360's avatar
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