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ENDZONE: Meanwhile..

By Endling
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The ENDZONE continues..

I thought it was high time I showed some other-side perspective regarding the Endzone OC Tournament.

..my apologies for shoddier panels, I did this whole thing really really quickly. Ahaha, I wanted to get it done before the other OC tournament I'm participating in got underway. But hopefully it's still enjoyable.

There are a number of characters and artists this pays homage to:

Rikyo © :iconrikyo:
3d3n © :iconfoxnede:
Chimbley Sweep ©:iconconcentrationmoon:
Crowley © :iconthecrowchan:
Ko-omote & Pinu © :iconzombiesmile:
Dosuke© :iconrockdeadman:
Mr. Seles © :iconcaptrosko:
Mal © :icondire-musaera:
Dood Palette © :iconlan-kun:
Doombot a.k.a 'Cindy' © :iconlifebytes:
Skye © :iconma-stersolly:
Grampy © :iconeffenndee:
Baghead © :iconsketchfighter316:
Climber © :iconunknown-person:
Shado © :iconshadoboxxer:
Barrington © :iconrocker-artist:
Red, Jack, Dr. Crooked, Chairman Dumpty, Everafter © :iconendling:

Hope you all like it. Big things are going down. :XD:
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i one day hope of making my own comic series as awesome as this that features a tournament like this, only, it is the prelude to the endzone tournament and the law of talos. it's held on the same island as this, only, when it was younger, and more populated. the aftermath of the tournament will result in the birth of the shadow energy wolf thing (if you dont have his origins already in mind, of course). the organizer is the same one as the organizer of the law of talos tournament, only, when he and his uncle were still trying to find a power source for the wishing machine, not knowing how to siphon the law of talos energy into the machine yet, therefore having to resort to harnessing the energy curretly used buy the shadow energy wolf thing. .. ... i can only hope.
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if ozzy osbourne and david bowie were to have some kind of aweful lovechild, the end result would look like Dr. Crooked
Just sayin
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This looked like one hell of an OCT, i hope to one day take part in one as good as this one.
chipper807's avatar
I cant find the beginning ._.
Byhuldra's avatar
I just love how you draw Dr. Crooked, your drawings are just so full of expressions. :D
meperson94's avatar
Talent... you has it.
zeroquicksilver's avatar
You should make another endzone later for more normal artist who would have no chance of beating the people who did this.
onlinewarrior094's avatar
Is there anywhere I can find an archive of all the entries into the tournament?
ThaMutt's avatar
i have a question, after page 8, which one do i go to next?
i can't find 9. . .
CoBro's avatar
This is aweosme, how do you make the lines used in the first three slides and the last one. They are really "foggy" and "blendy" it looks awesome, I'm just curious.
krazybox's avatar
Ooo, we don't see a lot of Jack :3
bibleoftears's avatar
Too damn cool. You portrayed their personalities with ease, and that is remarkable.

This inspires me to do RPBattles too. :3
monsterfactory-trio's avatar
How did endzone start? I've looked everywhere for it, but I can't find it.
Umbri-girl's avatar
Look in Endling's old journals. Just keep going back, you should hit lotsa Endzone stuff.
monsterfactory-trio's avatar
I tried that. There's only like, 3 other entries in his journal, and none of them have to do with EZ.
Umbri-girl's avatar
[link] The first

Try back here [link]
SkullButterfly's avatar
is that red in the last collumn?
it's sooo cool.
PhilRey's avatar
the girl at the end was red? huh...
KaijuDuke's avatar
SWEET! It was cool seeing all the other competitors on the island, I especially like that hot demon chick Ko-Omote! hope we see more of her! (:
Celestial-Gold's avatar
This was a great half-way gift for the contestants!
The expression on all of the characters (especially humpty-dumpty) is wonderfully executed. I'm sure everyone loved to see the creation rendered in your unique style.
Endzone rocks!
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I love your style, i think this would make a really popular comic/manga. The art and plot are already miles better than some of the printed ones i've read.
diablos-death's avatar
this is some realy good stuff dude.
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Wow . . . You sure know how to create atmosphere, End. You`ve really captured all the different characters well. I keep finding myself coming back here just to smile at Jack (I`m looking forward to seeing `im in EverAfter).

I`ve really enjoyed watching this tournament.
I hope there`s another planned in the future (I`d love to join in the fun too).
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