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By Endling
Stilllll workin' on a comic..

These two are a part of it. 

Been posting quite a bit over on my tumblr lately, if anyone's interested:

Thanks for stopping in, folks. :]
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Kizune-Chao's avatar
Just plain adorable. :) (Smile) 
NinjaLliam's avatar
good god that's adorable.
Sunshineandgraphite's avatar
This is so endearing and sweet. I love this!
imagie360's avatar
i just mistaken that child as connor kenway
AloeDreams's avatar
Soooo cute! XDDD
Artemis827's avatar
This is my favorite!! I;m writing a comic with a little girl in it that looks very similar, crazy! Although she has pink hair. She is gentle and creative in nature and wouldn't hurt a fly - I drew a pic inspired by your concept here, but in my world with my similar character! I'll tag you when it's finished :3
AmyxMiaPlay's avatar
This is so cute :3
Looks like a reaper contruct from mass effect.
KinkyTwinkieFish's avatar
Aww I'm getting Monsters Inc flashbacks
Walkjd1's avatar
Robot: so can I can kill candy rainbows and flowers?
Ahhh, so cute! 
The-Mad-Cartoonist's avatar
Molly and the Murderoid? Looks good.
TokalaYannick's avatar
I love your style !
Keronsa's avatar
That is incredibly endearing.
CalledSupD's avatar
Just keep talking...
theblackthing1's avatar
wow the new lilo and stich movie looks greatAww... you guys! 
KingBray's avatar
Speciesunkn0wn's avatar
Looks kinda like a mechanical hybrid of an Elite from Halo and a Vortigaunt from Half-Life
atram95's avatar
Is Outstanding!!
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