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..If you remember these folks, you've been watching me a long while. 

(And thanks for that. :heart: )
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Damn, I remember I started watching you cuz I saw these characters.
Btw, you're welcome!
It has bee a delightful long time. :3
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Love the designs
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How can I forget these two lovelies~ Llama Emoji-02 (Blush) [V1] 
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Rosie and Posie...i like their updated form their really cute:)
SakuraBomb's avatar
Ahhh! Rosie & Posie <3
VertexAvenger's avatar
Liking the new design. Or I guess the new way you draw since then. Nice work, end.
NTSEFAN's avatar
I remember them. I've been following your art for several years yow.
ReginaZelfiXD's avatar
Wow, I have been watching you for a while...[geez that sounds creepy]
PsychedAngsty's avatar
When will you continue Everafter? Or do you intend to have another person continue it?
OneConfusedGuy's avatar
how could i forget :)
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Nice! I'm a sucker for the giant monster hands. Really intimidating but playful at the same time? Maybe I'm just a crazy lady. Anyhow, cool piece.
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In the dark shadow of grey towers: You'll see me waiting; Waiting forever. 
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ive always admired the design of these two (that includes Red, Lilith, Ree, and pretty much everything youve designed (especially the 5 mentioned)). I love how awesome their features are (i like the serious gore of these two, and their hollow eyes that says "Im gonna kill you in the craziest way")
Niina-xan's avatar
Omg I  LOVE YOUR STYLE! dat lines woa~ so fcking perfect man :')
The colors and the shadows~ awwn <'33 just amazing
JillyChelly's avatar
oh my gawrd i loce your art 
Danildan's avatar
Stiffy76's avatar
i still hope some day you will counute these...

but lovely work on these two
Khashekha's avatar
A long time indeed Heart
kayzeek's avatar
I miss the whole Everafter comic.  It was so good. Love the characters Love 
Ashen-Phoenix's avatar
Love their designs, always have. I miss EverAfter...
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