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25 Expressions: Red

Good for practice. :3

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Боже, это тот самый арт, который я распечатала лет 10 назад!! ааааааа *_*
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Magnificent. This is an art style I wish to be capable of.
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This is incredible.
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Lovin' it... I'm trying to find my own style, but that comes with expressions too. I'll be sure to make this exercise soon.
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very cute and detailed...makes fun to work with:happybounce: 
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hahaha drunkface <3
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I have fallen in love with your style. I just LOVE the way you draw eyes. I love your Happy frame, your Sad frame, your Triumph frame, Confused frame, Tired frame, Fear frame, Hollow frame, Fierce frame, Bereft frame, Sarcastic frame, Confident frame, Despondent frame, and your Rage frame the most! (That's like all of them haha) You are amazziiingnngg
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that silly one XD this is helpful! 
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Love the expressions!
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these all look great :3 they're helpful too :)

and i love dat hollow/blank expression >_<


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Damn, a lot of spam here e.e fuck spamers. 

Now to the important :P

>w< I love the fierce one, I don't know, it looks so great. And the rage one... poor soul that maker her be like that now is gona have rough xD
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This is awesome! Thank you soo much! :)
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I created a guy out of this because I messed up. But it's acceptable. I just feel like I have to domo arigato gozaimas you for your help.
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it really helped me so damn much - i cannot beliefe that i could be that great oO thank you for doing that ^^
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Gahahh Im sorry I cant find the link to the blank meme thing!! this is so awesome and i want to do it too but i cant find it in the link, can someone give me a link to it?
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