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DeviantArt force me to leave a comment to download this. have a nice day.

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The result looks gorgeous! Thank you for sharing this awesome tutorial. I'll credit to you when try 
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thanks this is very helpful

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Thank you so much for posting this!
I've always wanted to try and create hair with that glossy look, thank you for giving me the opportunity!!
Wow, this is amazing...but I have a problem. I don't understand what is "adding texture" or how to add it. I noticed you added some occlusion shadows but after that I'm clueless.  Do you have a tutorial you could recommend me? I simply can't do this step...sorry.
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aa thankyouuuu
just what I needed .:Bunny love:. 
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This gives me life.

Thank you so very much for this!
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Amazing tutorial!! Thank you for sharing it! ^^
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Thank you very much! <3 
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You’re very welcome <3
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you've improved so quick, think even your style changed a bit. Your color theory and rendering is amazing ;v;
Wait so there's splotches of warm colours for cool lighting and for warm ligting, it has some cold colours? Is it usually around the terminator..?
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Thank you I’m very happy to hear that! I’m not sure what you mean by around the terminator, but yes in cool lighting most colors are cool with shadows of warm colors, and vice versa for warm lighting.
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oh nvm about that. I get it now, don't know what I was asking either?
thank you so much, helps a lot!
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Thank you so much for sharing this tutorial aaa ; v ;
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No problem at all ><
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Your tutorials are always so helpful, thank you so much!
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It’s reassuring to hear that they help! No problem!!
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