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Aurana Fireheart
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
27 year old digital artist and novice animator who loves to see the fun side of life and also really enjoys Minecraft, Undertale, FNAF, and Subnautica as well as playing other games, drawing, and animating/making renders :D

:D ~ Bestest Buddies ~ :D

:iconartan118: :iconrosefirst: :iconsworddancer94:

:love: ~ Some artists I really admire ~ :love:

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Got some decent amount of progress done today which is a pretty nice feeling. Yeah it doesn't look like much but keep in mind all I had last night was a head. Just the head. No ears, nothing. And it didn't look anywhere near as smooth as that xD

Wip4cropped by Endlesshunter
Oh yeah here's some other FNAF-related stuff I've been doing lately:

Wip4 by Endlesshunter  
This was me messing around with lighting. yes I know the withered animatronics were never in the original pizzeria. It was just practice, it was never meant to make sense nor be 100% accurate to lore 

Wip1c by Endlesshunter
I actually did build this entire map myself from scratch. The only thing I don't claim credit for is obviously the models such as pirate cove, the tables, stage decorations, etc) and the textures. But the actual map is something I built myself. 

Wip3b by Endlesshunter
Was feeling uninspired so I thought I'd have a go yesterday at seeing what I could do in SFM. Never really touched it before other than just using it to check textures for fnaf maps, ( ie what wall texture goes in the parts and services room, wall textures for various parts of fazbear's fright, what type of doors the kitchen had in fnaf 1, layout of the bathrooms, etc. ) I'm quite happy with how this turned out honestly ^_^
Well been having fun with modelling lately and thanks to a tutorial I found earlier today I've started messing around with some fnaf-type models though not exactly the Scott Cawthon ones everyone seems to be doing lately.

So here I've started to have a go at making GraWolfQuinn 's little pancake satan himself. I'm definitely not the best at modelling but I'm honestly such a fan of Quinn's work and to date I've only seen one other person do a 3D model of him. I also plan to have a go at doing some of the other main characters later but we'll see. This all of course is just a little fanwork but if Quinn at any point doesn't want me to do these, then I'll respect her wishes and stop everything. 

As stated this is just a token of my appreciation for such an engaging and thrilling story with the most engaging characters. I showed a couple of others on discord of my wips here and I didn't even need to say the name or anything about what it was about and someone said 'oh hey that looks great. Yeah I love that series too!' You know you got a good thing going when people instantly recognise it without anyone even needing to say where it's from. 

P.S. I should make it clear I'm only using Quinn's work as reference in order to get the base dimensions right (ie how big ST's head is, muzzle, ears, etc.) I have no intention of committing any plagiarism. I have far too much respect for Quinn as a fellow artist to ever consider doing that to her. Plus my style is quite a bit different so I think it would be pretty obvious as well that it's not my work. The only thing that I will be claiming credit for is doing the 3D modelling work. The character and design is Quinn's and only hers. 

Headwip1a by Endlesshunter   Headwip1 by Endlesshunter
P.S. Pancake Satan will not be this sorta pukey-green colour most likely once I'm done. I got some plans to try and make it look really awesome but yeah will be closer to how he is in the comic, I just used this colour so its somewhat close, it made it easier to see what was fur and what wasn't, and also because starting at a blank white material for over 4 hours was starting to hurt my eyes >_< )
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It's been how long and I forgot to actually tell you all that I do have my new pc now. I'll try to be a bit more active though no promises sadly. 

I'll try to get some requests and stuff done as well hopefully soon. I'm so sorry for those that are still waiting on me for arts or for those AU buttons. I'll try and get them done real soon. 

Much love

~ Aura


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