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Skype 2.0


The pack contains IconTainer, ICNS and PNG files...

© 2010 erc Vider & © 2010 Skype Limited
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Best Skype icon out there
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how do we replace it on windows 7?
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Not Possible with the default formats of which the icon is in. You'd need to convert the icon from .PNG into .ico and then, on a shortcut to skype, change the icon to the custom one of which you converted.

one could also use a Dock application or something of that sort- maybe try WinLaunch or XLauncher (applications that simulate the OS X Launchpad on windows.
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i have no idea.. probably under preferences and icons.. sry
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Haha, I've made something like this too today, while I haven't even seen this one yet until now, looks great! :clap:
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Refreshing idea.
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So goood.......
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Question.... After I applied this GREAT icon, when I turn on Skype, the icon reverts back to last custom icon I was using. When I log out of Skype the icon reverts back to this Great icon. This is the first I`ve encountered a problem like this....... Anyone have any suggestions ????
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No, all done by manual labor :-) I have changed my Skype icon many times w/o this happening. No big deal, it`s a great icon !!
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love this one!
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hi i have just recently seen these customized icons and i think theyre brilliant! i dont wanna sound like a complete idiot but how exactly do i replace the icon with this?
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youre running mac or win?
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sry Im an idiot...XD

just use “CandyBar“ from IconFactory or IconBox from oooor, you can do it manually through skype>show package contents>contents>resources...and change-replace the app icon... or you just go and get info on icon and copy paste the icon on your left upper corner...

hope I helped you...;)
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Would it be possible for you to design an Adium icon to go along with this icon? I'd love to have matching icons in my OS X dock.

Awesome icon! I love it.

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