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Plated Wall

I loved the Frente icons from Jonas and all i was missing was a good wall to match..

soo, I started listening to SLAM and with good tunes in my head, I made this yesterday and decided to share it with you guys.

The ZIP contains black and grey version with steel apple and without the fruit.
Inside the pack is also a PSD for your PERSONAL MODS. If anyone decides to re-release it, state my name and everything that belongs next to it.

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*Cough* Necro *Cough*

Great wallpaper. But can I have the PSD for the black version? I wanna move the Apple logo slightly higher…


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as I changed my computer 2 times from then I have no Idea where the PSD is..sry mate..
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tnx... made one for flurry icons but got sick of it pretty quick..;)
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Nice work, by the way what are those fonts of the preview?.It looks very cool.
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the font is named SUSUMU... Tnx for the nice rplyes..;)
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sry man...Its called SANSUMI... XD
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great wallpaper, thanks
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thank you senhorita...;)

hoped youll like it...
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goes perfectly with my icon set
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hehe...thank you..;)
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good one mate, look out for the jadged edges on the rounded corners :P
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dude...tnx, but there are no jaggies...there is just crisp white colour..XD

glad you like it..;)
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thanks dude, gr8 work
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no problem man... glad you like it..;)
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Nice, using it now.
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