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I wanted to make flat and completely white minimalistic folders with etched, almost hidden symbols...again..

This Pack contains IconTainer and folder with PNG-s...


Erc Vider ©
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can you make a lit bit grey version? for lion.. would be awesome (:
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very good very pure ;)
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Very simple but very professional. Good Job
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tnx... that was my 1st set..;)
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Wow great icon set. Would like to set it on pc instead but nice though.
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Check out my first 7 SS with your folder icons.
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Best set I have ever seen and I noticed that these Snow drives Here fit perfectly in with this theme.
These are awesome, but a bit hard to see, haha. Would it be possible to get a .psd so i can tweak them a bit?
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will try to find that psd...cuz I have this problem that I dont like to store stuff which I wont use anymore..XD

If I will found it, youll get it...;)

Haha, i know what thats like. I had some old magazine templates that i threw out and the next day my friend asked me for them... *doh*
Thanks for looking though :P
Beautiful! Thank you!
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ehi man, can u please release a PSD or at least a more "contrasted" set? I love these icons, but my eyes are bleeding
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thats the whole idea...

When you have a white wall, you cant never find white icons...these are...

Tnx for lovin' them...
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Did the open folder works on your Macs?
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...explain this question...
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If you replace the "open folder" icon, the animation that exists when you put things inside a folder still work? Sorry for my English …
Best regards!
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These are absolutely beautiful! Seriously one of the most beautiful folder redesigns I've seen for OS X. Very, very nice!

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Its an re-design of my previous folder set, but you have no idea how gratefull I am for that comment...

thank you...;)
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Wow, awesome icons :#1:
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Thanks, these icons are excellent!
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