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ALUMI Black folder set started evolving with my love to original ALUMI set from Joy-Vincent...
One day I made a generic folder in black, few lazy days later the whole folder set was done...

This is a part one of ALUMI Black, preview of the second set you can see as a downloads folder...

The package contains iContainer and PNG set as well...

all the congrats and credits goes to great artist Joy-Vincent [link]


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great job, thanks!

icons rock..budy!!!
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OMG. This is awsome, dude..!!!
where do you put the "Open" icon in candybar?
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That feature was available in the old system (read: 10.4 - 10.5)
Not now anymore..;)
ah ok that explains why i had no luck getting it to work even after using iconpackager to create an open/drop folder
LOOOOOOVE these icons! Great job! Been using them for over a year. I too am patiently awaiting any updates! :ninja:
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hehe, well, tnx alot..

Not sure if Ill find the time to make any updates, but youll se some new stuff pretty soon...

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They look good! Still thinking about remaking the rest of the icons? :handshake:
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Thought about restyling the whole set, but I just cant find the time...

First Ill do a minimalistic choice for icon for my new iMac and MBP..

than maybe this..;)
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Okay! Then we'll wait! :D
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They look nice, but for some reason they don't work with liteicon :(
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Awesome man! thx
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I featured this in my blog [link]
Hope you don't mind... :)
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I dont mind at all adding my stuff on your blog...

and I will even thank you for showing me another source for great icons....;)

enjoy senhorita...;)
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I'm glad you like it!
Stay tuned then. ;)
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very nice, thx
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