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I finally managed to cross something off my bucket list - selling my art at a convention. And I had a pretty good time while doing so!

Last weekend, I participated in Animangaki 2012, a small fan-organised anime convention which was just a 10-minute drive away from where I live. The idea to set up a booth was pitched by me on a whim, and I got a friend to join in. I was selling Pokémon-related merchandise while my friend sold some seriously adorable cross-stitch button badges.


The hall the artist alley was situated in was pretty small and got crowded real quick. There weren't many cosplayers around, although those that were there were pretty well done. I even saw an N cosplay, but forgot to snap a photo of her.

In the end, my sales were decent - I managed to break even, although most of the stuff which sold were the non-Pokémon related merchandise. Most of my customers were kids with their parents, while others asked if I had any Reshiram/Zekrom stuff for sale. My friend's button badges, on the other hand, were immensely popular and sold off really quickly. It was a good learning experience for me as I got a better gauge of what people go after (badges, keychains and prints), although I don't think I'll have the time to participate in another con in the near future.

As I have some leftover merchandise from my stall, I've decided to open up a Storenvy shop to sell them! You can check it out here, or you can also drop me a note on DA. I'm still new to this online sales thing, and the last time I delivered a card internationally didn't go so well, so please bear with me.

Anyway, thanks for reading til the end of my journal! To end it, here are some random pics I took at the con:

More button badges my friend sold - I swear that Totoro is freaking cute!




No Face in the crowd...



Figment of your imagination
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Wow, you have some great Pokemon artwork. I am wondering if I can feature some of it in a project (no money involved) I am working on. Its a card/board game for Pokemon. All credit to you of course!
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