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Apart but Together RWBY



References: RUBY , Weiss, Blake, Yang 

Rwby Gif Ruby and Weiss Rwby Gif Blake Yang Xiao Long Smile (RWBY) 

Ruby with Crimson Rose pose reference


This is my first fan art for RWBY. I have been wanting to draw the RWBY girls for quite awhile now. I was actually quite inspired by the recent RWBY volume 4 trailer and stumbling across the concept arts for Ruby, Weiss, Blake, and Yang as well. I stumbled across the RWBY series a couple months ago and watched the whole series online (over the course of a couple weeks respectfully) and I just loved the series ever since. The story is so good and Monty Oum (God rest his soul) was a bloody genius to create this series in cooperation with Rooster Teeth. So thank you Monty Oum (miss you, wish I could've known you) and Rooster Teeth for the bloody brilliance that is RWBY. 

As for the drawing itself, I drew kind of my version for a concept poster for Volume 4 of RWBY. I drew the girls in their timeskip outfits as close as I could manage. Ruby's new outfit was quite difficult to draw and color because of all the details. This is also my first time drawing these characters (except Weiss which I also drew her in this drawing as well). I referenced Ruby's pose from the new RWBY volume 4 official art. Her Crimson Rose was actually quite difficult to draw. I know the details aren't exactly like the original but I did my best. I also referenced Weiss's new style, Blake (seemed appropriate that she has her back to everybody, given the fact she fled when Yang lost her arm).

Weiss is kind of slightly smiling at Ruby and whoever is viewing the art. She didn't really have a choice as to whether or not she left the group. She was forced to go back to her kingdom with her father. So there is some interesting story there. I wanted to portray Yang as kind of her old fiery self but kind of broody, post Volume 3. I really hope she gets her arm back (I know she can't grow her arm back, but gets a mechanical one or something. More interesting story there). Blake has her back to everybody because she fled when Yang got her arm cut off by Adam (which was wrong of her to do). So I'm not too happy with her character right now. But maybe she will come back to team RWBY. Well team RWBY is actually kind of split at the moment which is why I drew them in kind of a together but alone setting. Hence the title. 

Overall the drawing took me 1 Day and 4+ hours to complete. I stayed up late drawing it out with pencil, then I traced it out in pen so the line art would stand out more (and not fade). Then I spent a couple hours today coloring it and touching it up. Scanned it into Photoshop with my scanner. Watermark is inside there to protect the art from getting used without my permission. I'm pretty happy with how it turned out. 

Feedback is welcome and appreciated. Please let me know what you think. This is my first RWBY themed fan art. I hope to do more RWBY themed arts soon. 
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Your art is so pretty! ^^