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My pink and purple stamps always just come out the prettiest. :heart:

Anywho, I was one of the gals who couldn't stand genderbending in Hetalia; then I came along to Hima's blog that one fateful day and saw Canada and completely flipped over her, as a surprising amount of people do.

And that's where my MapleTea addiction bloomed and Shag Tag was created.

Though to be honest I like genderbends in any series, with any character. I don't feel like they're 'RUINING THEMZ' like some people truly do. It's just one of the many rules of the internet.

Rule 63; For every given male character, there is a female version of that character, and vice versa.

No different than any other rule, I don't see it leaving for quite a while. It's not that bad. You can either love it or just ignore it like all the other 'rules' that were placed upon the internet.
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SpiralHope55's avatar
SpiralHope55|Student Traditional Artist
Genderbends are fun to make! :D

I've my own genderbend version of Nagito Komaeda.
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furrysweetsanswife's avatar
furrysweetsanswife|Student Digital Artist
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AeroSkies16's avatar
AeroSkies16|Hobbyist General Artist
I really wish I could draw boy versions of my characters, but I'm scared people will think that all of my characters are just.... erm..
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SailorVelvet's avatar
SailorVelvet|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
i enjoy genderbending my ocs every now and then.
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Dasha-Doodles's avatar
Dasha-Doodles|Hobbyist General Artist
Same here
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cartoonbunnyqueen's avatar
I'm not really a fan because lots of people only do it because they don't want two male characters to be together ( same thing with two girls )
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Rayfan34's avatar
Imma use it
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tultsi93's avatar
tultsi93|Hobbyist Artist
I love genderbending, too! I've genderbent Itachi (Naruto), Sasori (Naruto), Pierrot (Once Upon a Time...) and Purple Guy (Five Nights at Freddy's).
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AaronMon97's avatar
Genderbending is the only way to save the female ponies from sexuality controversy over the fandom, at least in my honest opinion.

For example, I ship Rainbow Blitz with Pinkie Pie because people say that his original female counterpart isn't homosexual, which it's homophobic, and also, I don't want Pinkie to turn into a murderer who makes cupcakes out of dead bodies.
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NiftyNautilus's avatar
NiftyNautilus|Student Traditional Artist
I love drawing these, especially for characters who look absolutely awful as the opposite gender, like the Zombie Electrician from PvZ:GW.
I drew a genderbent version of him. She is fat, hairy, rotten, and has extension cords wrapped around her grotty old dress…but she still rocks! ;)
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GraceHopper's avatar
I admit that I really want to see a genderbent version of Black Bulter(Kuroshitsuji)!
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tommyboywood's avatar
tommyboywood|Hobbyist Writer
Hey thanks
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kawaiixcheezit's avatar
I like when people make human versions of ponies and Pokemon, too! :^)
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tultsi93's avatar
tultsi93|Hobbyist Artist
I hate humanizing ponies, pokémons etc, etc. But if you find it enjoyable, you can do it. :)
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Drawing-Stars-02's avatar
Drawing-Stars-02|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Those are gajinkas! :)
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Jowesline's avatar
Me too. <3
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WesternWolfWarrior's avatar
WesternWolfWarrior|Hobbyist Digital Artist
I love Disney genderbends :D They're pretty darn awesome.

I'll even genderbend my own characters for fun once in a while :XD:
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u-ok-england's avatar
u-ok-england|Hobbyist General Artist
holy fucking shit,i once roleplayed a genderbend rp and i think it went pretty good. it was like doctor who; the doctor and my oc switched genders and...whoa,ten looked pretty cute as a girl.

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TrialmanAKASomaCruz's avatar
Genderbends are epicness incarnate!
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runawaymintyg3's avatar
yayyy i love adventure time and my little pony genderbends
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SirFailsalot91's avatar
SirFailsalot91|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
No exceptions, my dear, no exceptions 8-)
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canineEnthusiast's avatar
canineEnthusiast|Student Digital Artist
YES YES YES! I especially love the mlp genderbents, my favorites are Apple Buck, Eris, and Butterscotch cx
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