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Ramune! Leech Monster Auction [CLOSED]


sometimes you get an idea you Cannot put down, and in this case it was a ramune leech with a see-all eye for the bottle's glass marble?? bruh

Sale rules:
(You can still purchase if you're not in the species community, but be sure to check out the group and read the species rules! Thank you Heart )

Sales Restrictions:
If you purchased from Zin's or Maz's last batch, there is a 24 hour bidding embargo for you from time of posting. After that, you are free to participate!

Payment in USD, via paypal invoice only
These will be crossposted to the Leech Monster discord server, and I will comment accordingly between them to update any sales. 
Payment must be made within 24 hours of sale, and once completed, I will send you the full res file!

SB: $60
AB: $200

If bids reach $150, the Color Change trait will be added, so you can have different flavors!


Mouth: Whale teeth
Ears: Feeler ears (trimmed)
Neck: Hamster
Tail: Container tail (myth), Floating tail (unlisted. fixed in general tail position)
Additional: Floating objects - glass orbs (myth; 1 at each heel, 2 at tail), Glass body - Ramune bottle (myth), See-all eye, Bump feelers

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I.... I never seen anyone draw a ramune themed bab like this. Honestly the best leech so far om g

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This is absolutely incredible omg.:heart:

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These are actually cool little critters. What leech class is this boy? (Or girl, I suppose!)

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with the way our site works there was no non-confusing way to integrate the more minor classes, so we just made 'em easily interchangeable depending on the owner's preference. so it's Normal (i.e not saltwater or lux), but the mount/pet/wild class is established by the owner!

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Please reply to this comment thread for bidding!

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SB from vyrusvoyd on discord!

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70 from jesse on discord!

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100 from vyrusvoyd!

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110 from jesse!

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heya! Congratulations, you're the winning bid!

Let me know your paypal address in a note or a reply and I'll have the invoice out to you!

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