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Legendary Leech Auction: Ghost Ship [CLOSED]



aw yea boyes it's Boat o'Clock

Sale rules:
(You can still purchase if you're not in the species community, but be sure to check out the group and read the species rules! Thank you Heart )

Comment to the appropriate bid chain to bid! 

Payment in USD, via paypal invoice only
These will be crossposted to the Leech Monster discord server, and I will comment accordingly between them to update any sales. 
Payment plans are available - I will require an initial $85 payment within 24 hours of close, with the remainder within one week. (DO NOT bid if you cannot guarantee this payment)
Once completed, I will send you the full res file!

 $300 [MET!] 

Tidesurge Leviathan
Legendary Class 

When it's hunting in its ghostly form it crashes over boats like a massive whitewater wave, plunging the entire craft and all of its occupants deep under the surface.
It's been mistaken for a beautifully ornate sailing ship at distances, especially after feeding on surfacing pods of whales and similar creatures where it will relax and spread its massive double-lobed fins to sunbathe.


Legendary - Form Change
Legendary - Bowspirit Horn
Legendary - Unusual Size (Galleon)
Legendary - Ornate Filigree (metal ornamentation)
Elemental affinity - Living Ship
Beak Jaw
Biolumi (ghost ship form)
Saltwater Fins
Color Change
Many ears - antennae
Squint eyes

Image size
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I wanna use this concept in a story, but I don’t wanna get copyrighted ;^;