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Leech Monsters: Emoji Squad - CLOSED

these are based on a bunch of emoji reacts! they sort of didn't end up at all like the emoji at all and now I'm going to leech jail

Sale rules:
(You can still purchase if you're not in the species community, but be sure to check out the group and read the species rules!. Thank you Heart )

Payment in USD, via paypal invoice only. 
These will be crossposted to the Leech Monster discord server, and I will comment accordingly between them to update any sales. 
Payment must be made within 24 hours of sale, and once completed, I will send you the full res file!

Harvest Blessing
$70 - SOLD

Pet Class

Mouth: Saber
Ears: Brush, Triangular
Neck: Collar, Rolls
Tail: Thin (Rice shoot, myth)
Additional: Plant Body (myth), spines, bump feelers, drape feelers, shut eyes, pores, earring accessories

Banana Ringtail
$60 - SOLD

Wild Class

Mouth: Vampire
Ears: Triangular
Neck: Bee (myth)
Tail: Brush
Additional: Clustered feelers (myth), Mammalian eyes, bump feelers, sensory pores

Tidal Siren
$65 - SOLD

Saltwater Class

Mouth: Outward vampire
Ears: Dobby
Neck: Full
Tail: Nub
Additional: Chaos horns, gills, wings (myth), saltwater fins, flower crown accessory

Unsightly Kijin
$60 - SOLD

Wild Class

Mouth: Tusks (myth)
Neck: Collar
Tail: Spider
Additional: See-all Eyes (4), drape feelers, chaos horns, tentacle feeler (tied up)

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amazing designs :la:

love the banana lemur

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absolutely!! one demon boi

comment or note me your paypal and I'll have the invoice out to you!

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Tidal siren please!

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you got it!! comment or note me your paypal and I'll send you the invoice!

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peels u aggressively

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thank you. it was hot in there

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