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Leech Auction: Oil Spill and Anime CLOSED

Couple of kids I got the community to pick traits for! Top is by the leech chat discord, and bottom is by the mods!

Payment in USD, via paypal invoice only.
SB: $45
AB1: $120
AB2: $150 (comes with on-base artwork. e.g: X)
(AB2 is only possible if AB1 has not been taken)

MI: $5

(You can still purchase if you're not in the species community, but be sure to check out the group and read the species rules! Thank you Heart )

Pride of Exxon:

Slime Body (myth)
Wings (myth)
Over 5 Eyes (myth)
Oriental Tail (myth)
Anubis Ears (myth)
Spines, tailmouth hoodie, beak + blush jaw, ram horns

Late for Leech Class:

Clustered Feelers (myth)
Oni teeth (myth)
Hand ears (myth)
Floating Object (myth)
Tentacle tail, drape + tentacle feelers, see-all eyes, pores, triangular ears

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BID HERE for Pride of Exxon!

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Changed my mind, AB1 please!

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oh jeez that was so fast, thank you!!

swing me a note with your paypal and I'll send the invoice your way!

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AB1 for Late for Leech Class please ;v; <333

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good god i hadnt even put up the bid chain comments

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sweats I'm so sorry i am a FOOL

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