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Grazid Character Sheet (The Rabid Seas) by Endeyarts Grazid Character Sheet (The Rabid Seas) by Endeyarts
Name: Grazid (Grah-zed) Dane

Nicknames: One-eye, Gold-eye, Grass Pelt/Fur, Feuille, Forêt, Camouwolf, Little Leaf

Gender: Male

Species: Forest Wolf with a bit of husky

Age: 15

Height: 5'7" bipedal, 3'2" quadruped

Sexuality: Homosexual

Crew: Drenched Pelts

Rank: Third in command

Looks: Willow green with forest green markings, greenish-white underbelly & muzzle, gold eye, one eye supposedly missing

Family: Unknown

Friends: Black Muzzle (Darren), Captian William, Scaredy dog (Taylor), Blue-Eyes (Ski), Shorty (Bo), [Wannabe] Cowdog (Real name unknown)

Enemies: Dark Mane (Jul), Red Bullet (Delilah), Cur Dog (Adam), Captian Felicia

Love interest: A brown & tan beast named William (the Captian).

Personality: Curious, fairly strong beast with a love of the sea. Courageous and daring, he knows his way around. Goes through headstrong fazes. Usually either pup-like or overconfident. Relatively kind, especially to Captian William.

Other: Thinks his parents cursed him with the name Grazid, has had an eye patch since age 12, best friends with Captian William, frienemies with Red Bullet, third in command, very slight Irish accent, only stays out of trouble because of Cowdog & Shorty (& his crush on Captian), hates fish but deals with it for Captian, is called Feuille (French for leaf) and Forêt (French for Forest), called Camouwolf by enemies, called Little Leaf by Red Bullet, youngest member of Drenched Pelts. Wears two feathers behind his right ear.

Backstory (clumps):

Grazid is said to be born along the coast in Britian or Ireland, though not even he knows (or cares to tell). He was left on his own since age 10, and has been sailing the seas since. He grew up alongside Cowdog and Shorty, and he sticks to them like glue.

Grazid supposedly lost his left eye in a long ago fight with Rabid Seas (Captian Felicia's crew), where Cowdog claimed to see Red Bullet scratch out the forest wolf's eye. The day after the fight, Grazid was seen with an eye patch. It seems to not have come off since.

When Grazid was 14, he became third in command as a replacement for Moody (Jackson), who was an old she-wolf that he always thought of like the Medicine Cat Yellowfang from that old wolf's tale, Warriors. He loved that old hag like he would love a mother, but she was killed by a fatal blow from Dark Mane.

Grazid has had a love/hate relationship with his best frenemy, Red Bullet. They go back and forth at each other, either in merciless fighting or "light" teases (i.e. "Oi, fuck off ya damn cur hoe!").

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