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Fursona (kinda) ref sheet by Endeyarts Fursona (kinda) ref sheet by Endeyarts
Name: Endey James 
Nicknames: Jack, Cowdog, King, Gay Lord, Mutt, Cur, dick nozzle (he insists), Beast. 
Species: Italian greyhound w/ 15% xolo 
Gender: Switches between nb and beast 
Sexuality: Gaysexual 
Birthday: March 8th 
Age: Unknown 
Height: 6'3" bipedal, around 4/5'0" quadruped 
Looks: Solid gray with a few dark gray spots, blue eyes 
Likes: Otps, Hamilton, Bo Burnham, Skaillia, Office, Niall, Harry, Ed Sheeran, 5sos, ATL, Cowbelly, Heathers, Hairspray, Memes, Southerners, Britain, France, Australia, watercolors, a pastel pallet, Sai, making character sheets, teasing Washington about his crush on "Cat," the rain, the night, thunderstorms, sleeping during daylight, swimming, swinging, pranking, flowers, severe weather, useless but interesting facts, etc. 
Dislikes: The sun, spiders, cooking, sleeping at night, oatmeal cookies, losing control of a situation, being called "she," metal music, America, being told to hurry, still life, 2nd person povs, co-dependent mammals, Alex fucking Burr (though he still lets it go on since that's what his choild wants), not being able to prove his dominance. 
Hobbies: Comedy, writing, pestering Hamilpack, music, roleplaying 
Occupation: COMICS ANIMATION A R T, and basically makes it his job to pester the Hamilpack. 
Location: Flies back and forth from VA to NYC 
Personality: Powerful and a bit overconfident about his strength. Reckless but smart. Creative, doesn't think before he speaks. More kindhearted than he thinks he is. Craves dominance constantly but keeps quiet enough. Talkative, a bit loud. Very overprotective. 
Accessories: Wheat, a crown necklace, and sometimes a bandana. 
Other: Can't do math or PE for shit. Addicted to caffeine but hates coffee (coke is his only need), addicted to food. Has magic but really only uses it for himself and to mess with Hamilpack. Thinks bandana makes him automatically cooler. Loves puns. Cheesy like a pizza. "14/10 would eat cheesesticks and cookies all day tbh." Says lit, fam, bruhboi, motherfucker, ___.jpg/avi/png/sai/gif/mp3, and dick basket on a daily basis. Has an obsession with size difference. Has an obsession of Washington's obsession with George. Has a kink for being over-dominate. Has a kink for biological males that look like females. Probably has a kink for Laf being so sexual. 
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December 18, 2017
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