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Dhakada bio (Art by Streetfair) by Endeyarts Dhakada bio (Art by Streetfair) by Endeyarts
Again, Dhaka was an adopt from :iconstreetfair:! He was the first one I bid on before I decided I needed Val as well ^^

I was going to wait until all of Dhaka's pack was done, but I didn't think the slight favoritism was fair to my boy ^^

So, here it is! I'll update this more and change it to his reference later, which goes for Val as well.

Name: Dhakada Grayson

Nicknames: Dhaka, Kada, Skullface, "That one hyper mutt"

Gender pronouns: He/him

Birth date: October 13th, 2000

Species: Some sort of wolf

Age: 17

Height: 5'5 1/2" bipedal, 1'4" quadruped

Sexuality: Demisexual panromantic

Occupation: Works at a small daycare center named "Pups, Cubs, & Kits" across from Threat Level Midnight.

Family: Macy (Mom), Bella (Mom)

Friends: Val, Arlo, "Bean", Linus, Angel, Carder, Azuren, Vix

Enemies: None yet

Love interest: A nonbinary shiba inu named Vix (later Val?)

Personality: A kind, energetic, and playful pup that wants to see the world. Naive and optimistic, Val usually has to pull his head out of the clouds.

Backstory: He was born and is growing up in the famous New York City. He's been friends with Val since he was four. He's never really been around other guys. Born on October 13th.

He still considers his 13th birthday as the best birthday ever. It was the birthday when he made most of his friends, went on a hike, played in a lake, ate millions of cupcakes, and many more AMAZING things. But the best thing was his present from Val: a best friend necklace with half a heart. Valentine said that when you connect the two heart pieces, the words "for life" appear in shiny gold.

Other: Wears necklace with half a [blue] heart on it that Val gave him. Favorite color is blue. Loves adventures. Believes everyone can be a good mammal. A bit overconfident. Adorkable and awkwardly charming. Loves comedy.
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