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I was thinking of doing a Q and A thing with my two Pokemon Bonnie and Sunny. Leave your questions in the comments down below and I will choose a few for the girls to answer them! Ask them anything, as long as it DOES NOT involve anything inappropriate! I have been thinking of this for a while, and thought it was a good idea. What do you guys think? Should I do it? Leave your questions! :iconsnubbullplz::icongranbullplz: :D:D:):)
Hey guys! Im currently in the process of drawing a book of photos from the Metallica pinball machine! I got into Metallica, ironically, by their own pinball machine and I am OBSESSED with that machine! So I decided to draw some of my favorite moments from certain multi-balls and other moments in the game. My favorite multi-ball is Sparky, mainly because if it weren't for him, I wouldn't have fallen in love with Metallica. Unfortunately the poor guy got fried at least 8 times by me ,and I gotta admit, I did feel guilty afterward. (Even though he was just a game character). My favorite current band member is Kirk. Fave past member would definitely be Jason. Fave album: Ride The Lightning (and my favorite song is Ride the Lightning as well)       :iconjasonnewstedplz::iconkirkhammettplz::iconlarsulrichplz::iconjameshetfieldplz::iconcliffburtonplz::iconrobtrujilloplz:
New additions:

Game Grumps
Anthony Padilla (Smosh)
Sugar Belle
Mini Zayn and Mini Harry (One Direction)
Ginger and Bandit (Neko Atsume)
Credit to everyone who made the models.
embedded_item1484506924701 by Enderpony626
This is my papercraft collection so far. Whenever I add new models, I will take a pic of my updated collection. I don't own any of the models. Credit to the people who made the models.
embedded_item1483577874088 by Enderpony626