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Scarlett Jennings was your normal everyday teenage girl, if normal everyday meant half demon. Scarlett was a beautiful 13 year old girl with long curly dusty blonde hair. She had narrow silvery-hazel eyes with little thin slits like a cats, that shone in the dark. She had bright red wine colored glasses, that stood out in a crowd, and peachy eggshell skin. She always wore a beautiful diamond butterfly necklace, that really fluttered; as it was enchanted to do so. Her bedazzled red and black dress that shone like stars in the night sky, had little slits in the back to make way for little plum bat-like feathery wings. Her wings were what stood out most; they were majestic dark purple wings that had jet black, stone cold, pointed tips. She had silver shinning half moons around the sides of her wings that glittered like crystals, and her long nails were painted the same fiery color of her glasses.
Scarlett was the only half-demon in her school, maybe the only half-demon anywhere, so she was always alone at lunch. No one cared if she wasn’t there, because no one payed attention to her at all; more so, EVERYONE paid attention to her, they were just scared of her. “I’ll just be outside,” She mumbled to herself one day, trying to stop her wings from fluttering so people didn’t start whispering and looking at her. Scarlett kept mumbling and walked outside of the cafeteria door CLUNK! “Ouch!” Scarlett said falling over on the ground, she had tripped on something. Looking around for what might’ve been a cat she shrugged and started to walk again, until she looked down again and found a bright purple-pink box shaking. The box jingled like a bell, clinging and ringing. “Help me!” it jingled some more and shook. Scarlett’s curiosity got the better of her so she bent down and picked up the bright box. She opened it slowly taking a huge gasp when she saw what was inside. A misty purple-gray light shone as a little cat-like ghost hovered out.
“OH THANK YOU KIND ONE I’M FREE! I’VE BEEN TRAPPED IN THERE FOR EIGHT MONTHS STRAIGHT! I WOULD’VE DIED IN THERE, erm I mean… If I weren’t already dead hehehe,” The cute voice echoed, it’s ghostlike purple cloak flowing in the wind. The strange creature’s face was not visible through the darkness of the cloak; only a small mouth, and to huge deep black eyes. It had two gray cat ears, and a pink scarf tied around it’s neck, most likely to keep the purple cloak on. It’s cloak was a light plum color with pink and purple swirls for decor on the top and sides, a blue and black bat shaped pendant was worn on top on the neck scarf.
“Uh... what and WHO are you exactly,” Scarlett said, she’d seen lots of weird things in her life but never stuff like this. “A Kimo, duh!” it said sounding quite sure of itself,”You DO know what a Kimo is right,” It said again it’s eyes wider than ever; which Scarlett didn’t think could happen. Scarlett stood there for a few heartbeats then shook her head no, “Oh great now I have to explain it! Ok a Kimo is a kitten that died young, blah, blah, blah; they’re brought back as Kimo when a magic cloak, like this one, is wrapped around them. Blah, Blah, Blah, They hover barely walk, ok that about sums it up,” The Kimo said sounding bored, “Oh and don’t think about removing my hood,” she added with what Scarlett thought was a purr and a growl at once. “Either way, I’m Naku and what’s your name?” Naku said more friendly now. “Um… Scarlett,” Scarlett nodded as the kimo zipped around. “Scarlett, eh nothing like my awesome name, but it’ll do!” The Naku said floating in front of Scarlett eying her.
“So I guess I’ll help you out, in return for freeing me,” Naku laughed, “What can I help you with?” she asked. “Surviving middle school,” Scarlett said blankly. “Well that’s boring, don’t you wanna quest for the Chai orb, like everyone else I know?” The Kimo questioned. “The what-what orb?” Scarlett asked raising an eyebrow. “The Chai Orb, you know the power source of everything in this land,” Naku said her cute little high-pitched voice echoed. “Of… everything… like I could do anything-” Scarlett started but Naku cut her off,“Yup! Anything and everything,” The Kimo said happily. “You’ve convinced me, where is this “Cocoa Orb” or what’s it’s face?” Scarlett asked looking around eagerly. “You mean Chai?” Naku corrected her,” Crystal, the Queen of the Arctic Wolves has is, but she lives all the way in the Tundra, up north, you could never reach her that easily-” Naku said to the ever growing more eager Scarlett. “Sign me up!” Scarlett said happily,”Come on!” she called marching off. ‘No one would care if I’m gone for a while,’ Scarlett thought to herself, ‘They’re probably happier without me anyway!’ Scarlett thought again. Naku sped up to keep up with Scarlett, until they found a nice site to sleep. Scarlett found herself blackout as soon as she closed her eyes.
“Scarlett,” A hazy voice echoed. “Who...Who’s there?” Scarlett stammered. “Scarlett,” The voice echoed once again. “I’m am Crystal’s guardian, Lunaris, I can only travel through dreams,” The hazy voice bellowed again. A Silvery-white, starry wolf walked out of a nearby haze cloud. “I’m here to warn you secretly, yes I know I’m betraying Crystal,  but I can not let you be harmed for being innocent.  Crystal will only give up the Chai orb to someone who can complete her tasks. First you must tame and befriend Basil, a golden unicorn that lives in the forest off that way,” The Wolf said tilting it’s head to the right. “What next?” Scarlett said trying to process everything. “Basil will aid you in crossing the Path of Gems, don’t be fooled though, for if you get greedy all will be lost,” The mist wolf rasped. Scarlett’s eyes widened thinking about what’s ahead. “And finally you must-” the wolf’s hazy voice started.
“Scarlett, rise and shine!”  Naku’s voice awoke her. “Great just great. Thanks for the wake up call,” Scarlett growled through gritted teeth. “No prob!” Naku smiled, not understanding Scarlett’s sarcasm. Scarlett got up obviously ticked off, “You know I was Just about to find out what we had to do to get the Chai Orb,” Scarlett frowned, growling once more. “Oh really?” Naku asked curiously. Scarlett explained to Naku about Lunaris in low voice, so no one could over hear, even though no one else was around. “Oh so we have to tame Basil?” Naku asked. “Yeah so lets hurry. Come on!” Scarlett said in a much better mood. Deciding her feet hurt she decided to fly, as no one other than Naku would see her. “Hurry up I think I see her!” Scarlett said spotting something glittering down below. “WAIT UP!” Naku panted racing after her, hovering.
Sure enough Scarlett was right. As she landed the majestic golden unicorn was there. “Who goes there,” The golden unicorn neighed as Naku caught up. Scarlett hid behind a bush, but Naku wasn’t as smart, “I’m Naku, the kimo, Basil O’ majestic unicorn please let us be friends-” Naku started. “HIYA!” The unicorn screamed tossing Naku across the woods with her mighty hooves. “Naku!” Scarlett sighed, knowing Naku would be fine as kimo were already dead Scarlett rummaged through her dress pocket’s for anything she could use.
Oddly enough she had found a carrot from lunch yesterday, when she had left. She shrugged and threw it out where Basil would notice, “Huh?” The unicorn neighed trotting over to  food. Basil took a few bites then neighed in delight, “Show yourself,” Basil said happily. Scarlett waited a few moments then stepped out from behind the bush. “What is your name,” The horse said eyeing Scarlett. “Scarlett,” she said firmly. “Why have you come here?” Basil asked twitching her tail. “Naku and I need your help to cross the path of gems,” Scarlett said. Basil finished eyeing Scarlett and sighed, “That’s all anyone ever needs me for, it’s not like you’ll get far after even if I DID help you,” The golden unicorn replied hastily. “I guess I might as well,” She said dryly, as Naku caught up and they started walking.
“Look you must resist the urge to take the gems. Don’t be greedy or it’ll seal your fate,” Basil warned as they walked, soon Basil stopped at a huge cave, filled with glittering light. “Woah!” Naku said in awe, as the three walked deeper into the cave. “Don’t get lost, AND DON’T BE FOOLED. There’s all kinds of tricks down here!” Basil called coldly. As soon as the words had finished Scarlett blacked out unexpectedly and woke up after a couple of heartbeats. Basil and Naku were no where to be found.
“Are you here to steal MY precioussss gems!” A hissing voice said. “Uh-- No,” Scarlett said, she could barely see, and was stumbling until she fell on something… something that was not the ground. She wished she didn’t, but she turned around to see a giant red and black dragon. “Oh I see I guess you're just another Chai orb wannabe” It said, almost sarcastically. “I wouldn’t call myself a wannabe,” Scarlett mumbled, “Umm… My name is Scarlett and you are?” She said boldly. “My name is Beatrix, daughter of Charlock the dragon but just call me Trix,” The dragon said like it was an accomplishment. “But don’t get me started on my dad,” she added mumbling.
“Um.. so can I go now..?” Scarlett asked. “No!” Trix roared, “First you must bring me the finest gem you can find in this cave for my collection!” The great dragon bellowed, moving her tail until a small pile of gems could be seen. “Um… but Basil told me not to get greedy and touch the gems,” Scarlett said hoping the dragon wouldn’t take this the wrong way. The dragon chuckled, “If you touch them you’re sent to me, you must of rubbed up against one! Don’t be silly, if you take one for me it’s fine!” Trix roared with laughter, making Scarlett feel a little bit foolish, “But don’t get any ideas, these are MY gems after all,” Beatrix added eying Scarlett as she walked deeper into the cave to find the prettiest gem she could.
Scarlett walked through the many chambers being sure not to touch any gems until she found the right one. “Why’d I have to go and touch the gem! Ugh,” she mumbled angrily walking. Minutes passed, and Scarlett wondered if she’d ever find a perfect one, “I mean all gems are pretty, but a PERFECT one. Yesh!” Scarlett kept walking and talking to herself. After what seemed like years she came across an extra shiny dark fiery red colored ruby. “Great! ‘Bout time too!” Scarlett said grabbing it and blacking out again. It was dark like before until a bright fire flashed upwards and Beatrix was seen. “Here you go!” Scarlett said placing the gem in front of Trix. “I see you’ve brought me a wonderful gem! Thank you, you are free to go!” Beatrix said and a great boulder moved showing light. “Thank you great Scarlett,” The Dragon said as Scarlett left.
Naku and Basil were waiting outside. “SCARLETT YOU- YOU- YOU REALLY MADE IT PAST BEATRIX!” Basil stammered her jaws wide. Scarlett smirked as Naku floated up to her with delight, “I TOLD you she could do it!” Naku said happily. “Thank you for your support Naku,” Scarlett said. “Well, very good indeed, You won’t be needing me any more,” Basil said shaking off her disbelief, as Naku and Scarlett said their goodbyes, Basil vanished in a puff of yellow light. “Never trusted her anyway,” Naku said as they walked on; after walking for what seemed like a couple of hours, they entered a quiet snowy kingdom. “This must be Crystal’s joint,” Naku said as they got to the huge castle. “Yeah, most likely,” Scarlett echoed in awe at the lovely castle.
Out of nowhere the doors opened and a giant two-head snowy blue and gray wolf ran out growling. “Wha!” Naku screamed floating away in terror. “Scarlett! I’ve been keeping an eye on you since the beginning. I knew you were a potential threat, so if you can beat Fight-O here then you can have the Chai orb,” A misty voice called. “That must be Crystal!” Naku called. “NO DUH!” Scarlett screamed as the the giant wolf lunged, Scarlett dodged barely. Fight-O Growled, and stumbled over. Scarlett took the chance and flapped her wings, and with a great bound soared over the beast. “Bet you forgot I was half-demon,” Scarlett said winking tauntingly at the wolf, pacing and growling below. Scarlett took the chance and flew right between the wolf’s two heads, and spun around to attack again but the wolf clawed her right on the face, strangely she felt no pain. She kept going, soaring higher and higher, and waiting for the right moment… woooooosh! Scarlett swooped and landed right on the wolf, and with a great howl of pain the wolf ran back into the castle whining.
“AMAZING!” Naku cheered. “Ugh! Why’d I end up being the big bad wolf here” Crystal sighed. “Scarlett I saw power in you, you’ve completed all my tasks, now come in, you’ve earned the Chai orb,” The wispy voice of Crystal sighed as Scarlett and Naku entered to a giant throne room. There sat Crystal your average enough looking teenage girl maybe seventeen, but she had fuzzy gray wolf ears, a big bushy snowy white tail, and a lovely white fuzzy jacket. She had silvery blonde hair, and her eyes were deep ocean blue. She also wore a diamond crown, one Beatrix would probably die for. “Ugh, you’ve earned it here, just take the thing already,” Crystal said showing Scarlett a beautiful blue-purple crystal orb with pure white wings. Naku gaped with awe a Scarlett thanked Crystal (who didn’t respond) and took the Chai orb.
A loud ringing sound was heard and then a red flash of light and Naku and Scarlett were transported back to… SCARLETT’S SCHOOL?
“Scarlett! That was so cool! We heard about everything!” One kid who Scarlett had never talked to said, “THAT WAS SO COOL! Can we see the Chai orb PLEASEEEE!?!?” Another called. “Woah! Being half-demon is so cool!” a third one called. “Um… Scarlett what happened to your eye?” the last one called. “Whaddya mean?” Scarlett asked as everyone started chatting about everything. The kid held up mirror so Scarlett could see. A horrible nasty scar was on her right eye from where the two headed wolf had clawed her. “Oh… how’d I not die… I…” Scarlett said staring at herself in the mirror. Naku floated up to her, “Scarlett… I… I think you… you... are immortal!” as soon as the words were out the hallway cheered and chanted Scarlett’s name. “That… makes sense… I… I AM!” Scarlett said happily. “I guess we’ll have to call you Scar from now on,” Naku joked. From that day on, Scarlett never felt like an outcast anymore, never felt left out, and was never lonely.
hi time for self embarrassment by literally publishing my old writing to the wORLd 

okay so this mess you may have read or skimmed is.... my old writing and oH GOD right of the bat you can tell these characters are (and i hate to throw around this word but we have to be hONEST HERE-) mary sues... tHEY DISGUSTING LMAo 

so I recently decided in a poll to put four titles of my gross old writing full of mary sue characters (and super lame jokes that fall flat)
and Secrets in the Snow won,,, so I plan on revamping it, CHANGING A LOT and creating a REAL story,, so

as of now I've already changed a lot, rather than being half demon, scarlett is a full demon in a human disguise, sent to earth by the devil himself to recover an artifact of great power (aND NO ITS NOT THAT GROSS POWER SOURCE ORB IN THIS STORY EW No). But alas she didn't come alone, her sadistic and annoying lesser demon side-kick naku came along just to screw her over (so naku could prove that she was better when Scarlett came back empty handed) 

also Blanche (she was crystal in this but ok no we aren't going there) is now a mafia member (save me i've been playing town of salem too much it influenced me),, and is using this unearthly artifact for herself. 

and the rest is still being worked out,, all i know is i'm gonna make the dragon bitch a demon of greed 
and okay basil was a character i added last minute to make the original story longer so hell knows what im doing abt hEr 

but yeah okay here's my gross writing please judge me 
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shururea Featured By Owner Feb 13, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
PinkFlamess Featured By Owner Feb 9, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Everyone thinks their stories are cringy lol. This is a really nice story with good tension and story telling. If this was fleshed out (some of the characters are one dimensional as hec) and some commas we're added, this would make a good fantasy read.
enderknux Featured By Owner Feb 9, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Haha okay no it's gross, but thank you,,, I honestly plan on changing a LOT and fixing it entirely oml (okay Scarlett is... Such a Mary Sue 6th me self insert and it's disgusting)
PinkFlamess Featured By Owner Feb 9, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I kinda got that from the second she was described as the only half demon and that everyone disliked her lol
enderknux Featured By Owner Feb 9, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
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