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Landscape (maybeee?) by EnderKitten26 Landscape (maybeee?) :iconenderkitten26:EnderKitten26 2 0 I tried... by EnderKitten26 I tried... :iconenderkitten26:EnderKitten26 0 0 Freshman year art... by EnderKitten26 Freshman year art... :iconenderkitten26:EnderKitten26 2 0 I tried... by EnderKitten26 I tried... :iconenderkitten26:EnderKitten26 3 0 Paper Practice - 2 by EnderKitten26 Paper Practice - 2 :iconenderkitten26:EnderKitten26 1 0 paper practice by EnderKitten26 paper practice :iconenderkitten26:EnderKitten26 3 0 Idk lol by EnderKitten26 Idk lol :iconenderkitten26:EnderKitten26 1 0 moonlight by EnderKitten26 moonlight :iconenderkitten26:EnderKitten26 2 0 Crimality without the mask?! by EnderKitten26 Crimality without the mask?! :iconenderkitten26:EnderKitten26 2 3 another Crimality by EnderKitten26 another Crimality :iconenderkitten26:EnderKitten26 2 0 idk its just a fire ball thing by EnderKitten26 idk its just a fire ball thing :iconenderkitten26:EnderKitten26 3 0 Undertale Characters by EnderKitten26 Undertale Characters :iconenderkitten26:EnderKitten26 1 0 New OC - Crimality by EnderKitten26 New OC - Crimality :iconenderkitten26:EnderKitten26 3 0 2 of my OC's  by EnderKitten26 2 of my OC's :iconenderkitten26:EnderKitten26 2 0 Just a lil outfit I made~ by EnderKitten26 Just a lil outfit I made~ :iconenderkitten26:EnderKitten26 2 2 Summer school blues  by EnderKitten26 Summer school blues :iconenderkitten26:EnderKitten26 0 1


Weaponry 602 B by Random223 Weaponry 602 B :iconrandom223:Random223 182 1 Leading the Pack by TheMushman Leading the Pack :iconthemushman:TheMushman 131 3
Underfell!Papyrus X Reader: Emotions
(Name) looked down as Papyrus went on another one of his brutal lectures. (Name) immediately stopped listening when she focused on his belt. It looked angry and... Worried?
When she looked up, she saw the same expression on Papyrus's face.
"Huh? I-I'm sorry, Papyrus, I didn't get that..."
When she looked down again, the belt looked furious.
Finally, (name) asked him.
"Why were you worried about me a few moments ago? You sounded angry with me... But you just wanted to keep me safe, right?"
"What? That's preposterous."
The belt began to blush.
(Name) giggled and continued with what she was saying.
"I just don't understand you, sometimes. One minute you're thinking about killing me, and the next you are trying to protect me."
"Well... I..."
"Hehe~ Why are you so shy all of a sudden? I didn't mean to embarrass you!"
"I-I'm not embarrassed!"
(Name) looked up and laughed a bit when she saw him hiding his face.
"You know that the belt shows all your emotions. Righ
:iconcode2000:Code2000 174 32
Underfell!Papyrus X Reader: He can be sweet!
You couldn't help but giggle at Papyrus. He was tied up in his own trap, the ropes around him preventing him from moving.
"Help me, you useless human! Get me out of heeeeeeeere!"
"Sure thing. But I'm gonna have my fun first..."
You sat in front of him and began to tickle his ribs.
He began to thrash about against the ropes.
"Come on! It tihihihihihihihihihihickles!"
"That's the point! But I never would have thought you were so cute when you laughed like this... The way you blush and squirm around... You really like this, huh?"
He didn't argue, either to flustered from the tickling or the fact that you were right.
Giggling a bit to yourself, you moved on to his spine, watching in awe as he bucked a bit.
"Ahahahahahahahahahahahahaha~ Please! Mercyheeheeheeheeheehee!"
Ignoring his pleas, knowing that he liked being 'tortured' so to speak, you moved on to his hips.
He twisted a bit in the ropes, making little squeaking noises.
Then a frown made its way to you
:iconcode2000:Code2000 221 25
Underfell Sans x Reader x Underfell Papyrus
(A/n: Before we start, I'd like to say that this isn't really a love triangle and the Uf! Skelebros will get separate fics after this...prologue, I guess you could call it. Also, I'm gonna get yelled at for this, but Frisk is female in this and I gave her eyes. And this is an AU inside a AU. XD AU-ception. Okay, I'll shut up now and let you get into the story.) 
You let a scream rip from you as a large skeletal monster, which was very scary looking by the way, ran straight at you. You darted into the woods, hoping to loose him in all the trees.
You dared not look behind you, but you could hear him closing in on you, big boots crunching in the snow as he chased you.
"Human!" You heard him yell.
In the midst of your running, you hadn't noticed there was a drop in front of you until you were already sliding on your ass down the snowy hill.
"WooaAAAAHHHH!" You yelled.
You 'Oofed,' when tumbled off the ledge of the hill and face planted into the cold snow. You pulled yourself from the
:iconanimefangirl-peggy65:Animefangirl-Peggy65 154 33
Underfell!Papyrus x Underfell!Human!Reader
Idiot, i-i love you too...

Papyrus growled seeing you laying on his couch with your eyes closed. He knew you weren’t sleeping and that it was pissing him off. You tried hiding your smirk hearing him mumble curses under his breath which only made his anger grow. “You stupid human, just what do you think you are doing?”
“zzzzzzz…zzzzzzz…zzzzz…” Now you were just repeating ‘z’ over again. Papyrus clenched his fists, trying to old back from beating you to death. 
“What do you take me as? A fool?”
“Yeah, pretty much. But more of in the dumb shit area.” You propped your back against the arm of the couch, smirking at the shaking Papyrus. “You’re really shaking Papy. What? Is it because you can’t control yourself around me~?” Teasingly you said while dramatically placing your hand on your heart and the other on your forehead. This caught Papyrus off guard for
:iconhetaliafangirl01:hetaliafangirl01 174 15
Kilala97 Squish Party by KMWolf Kilala97 Squish Party :iconkmwolf:KMWolf 1,144 100 she by MartaSyrko she :iconmartasyrko:MartaSyrko 262 5 F2U Adopt Base by puromisu F2U Adopt Base :iconpuromisu:puromisu 207 33 F2U BASE by Kariosa-Adopts F2U BASE :iconkariosa-adopts:Kariosa-Adopts 120 1 Kiddy Base | F2U by NCAHK-Adopts Kiddy Base | F2U :iconncahk-adopts:NCAHK-Adopts 138 1 fawnling | F2U by omenaadopts fawnling | F2U :iconomenaadopts:omenaadopts 562 43 Wolf pose ref by F0XBLAZE Wolf pose ref :iconf0xblaze:F0XBLAZE 12 11 Wolf Base by F0XBLAZE Wolf Base :iconf0xblaze:F0XBLAZE 40 61 Lilac Breasted Roller Wings - Leather Necklace by windfalcon Lilac Breasted Roller Wings - Leather Necklace :iconwindfalcon:windfalcon 931 24 Aleander the Krystiron Hawk Line Art by Snowfox-Angel Aleander the Krystiron Hawk Line Art :iconsnowfox-angel:Snowfox-Angel 50 5



Landscape (maybeee?)
I tried alright, had a bit of an inspiration on this one


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Herro! My names Alexis! I love to make OC's and doodle. I'm in highschool and have a long ways to go doing art, so please bare with my cringy art, im still working on my growth... (~ -×-")~ (>×<')


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