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So I like never use DeviantArt much anymore, but, I was wondering if any of my fans, you guys, still look at the content I create on YouTube and a DeviantArt.
Comment “YouTube” or  “DeviantArt” or both to let me know.

I really don’t get to communicate with you wonderful people since I’m not very active here. If you want to keep up with me then please join my Discord Group. There, you can chat to me and post your own art! I’ll give you critique if you wish.

Join my server here, this link will only be active for a day so hurry.

I also have other social media that you can follow me on.
Instagram- endergirl_12_12
Twitter- EnderTheEris

I hope this link works. Please read the rules first once u enter.
Send it here and I'll critique it in a video!
Making a new video. I want it out soon. Its an apology to my actions, my actions I made when I did Cringy Deviantarts..
I'm very disappointed in myself.  I've been meaning to make this video over half a year ago. Hopefully it will be out soon, it may even have discussion on what I plan to do with my channel.

I know my channel is dying, it has been ever since I stopped making Cringy Deviantarts. In all, almost 300 people have walked away from my podium, my channel, my voice. I need to address this issue.
                                                                                     I hope you all understand. 
Hey guys, it's been a while. Tommaow is my bday, Jan 6. I'll be 15! 
There is a contest for best birthday fanart. Use my ref (found in my profile description) and draw Ender (you can add your character if you want or some of my other charcters. In order to win you must have my character, and a cake/brownies) Those who submit their art will get featured in my next video for the those who participated and the winner! You have til 10 pmEST Jan 6 to have your submissions in.
the vid will probably go up one day after my birthday.
Ask me anything, dudes, nothing sexual or too personal, you know the drill.

Holy crap it's like 36 degrees Fahrenheit here, I'm literally freezing to death.
GUYS. With the loss of my chicken, Jellybean, egg production has slowed down a lot. But recently, my parents announced that they'd found someone nearby who is selling their hens! We will be getting 3 more!! We will have 9 hens then! 1 extra than we originally had!! AAAAA I'M SO EXCITED!!! I'm going to name one Ellie for sure and maybe Sheila. I can't wait to get them! We get them at 6pm (I'm in the EST hour time zone) and its 9am rn. If you'd like to see them then please check my Instagram, I'll be posting pictures there.…

Oh btw I'm preparing a shoutout list for those who have drawn fanart of Static Ender! You still got a day to be in the shoutout!
Any of you guys animators? Cartoonists? Well if you ever needs a voice, come to me. I've been doing voice acting for 3 and a half years, I've got some talent in it. I've never been in a cartoon, however. 

(I can do female and male voices, I'm a little messy with male voices but I can manage.)

Just tell me via note what voices you need. We'll probably need to call so you can judge my impressions.
Describe the voice and write a script for me and send the character, that helps me get a feel of it.
Give me your email so I can email you my voice in an MP4 file. Tell me the results.
And finally, share with me news on the animation, I'd love to see the progress and see my voice in a charcarter!

thanks! Love you guys :3
Hey guys. So I was wondering if any of you would be willing to make face expressions for Ender so I can use them in videos. Similar to TheNamesJunkies and SpoctorTheory how they have little charcarter expressions when they talk. Please use the colors in my ref which is in my "about me" DeviantArt page description.
if you participate I'll give you a shoutout in a video and on DA!
Ender all the way down to her stomach needs to be visible
thx love you guys! :love: 
If you have any questions, ask away!
I need these face expressions
Extremly happy
pointing left
shoulder shrug
hanging self (yes, I'll need that.)
straight faced
in love
It's been done, I just got back from burying Jelly. She's been dead for 2 days now, She died a day before my parents drived me home from vacation. Once home, they told me she passed. She died of heat stroke or had a heart condition, we aren't totally sure but the day she died it was very hot out. She was laying on the ground, wings out, legs out, and stiff. I carried her body to the hole my mom was digging. I flicked ants off her face and pet her cold body. I clipped her wings so I could keep some feathers. Crying, I gathered flowers and sun flower seeds for her. 
Placed her body in the hole, put the flowers on her and sprinkled sun flower seeds on her, she loved sun flower seeds. Saying goodbye I buried her.

Jellybean lived a great life, she was given many treats and was loved by all of us. Goodbye sweet bird. I love you and miss you :sad: 
Hi guys...I wanted to discuss a serious matter about my channel and what I've done in the past. I really hate making DeviantArt cringe videos  and I wish I never made them. They were poorly crafted, my mic was terrible and I acted like a fool, not even giving proper good constructive criticism. I didn't know how to give good criticism but I liked trying yet I still failed miserably. I only jumped on the Deviantart ranting bandwagon because it was popular, I wanted to see cringe, and I wanted to try criticizing. I hate all the videos and how they turned out. The videos themselves are more cringy than the art displayed.
       Recently I've been thinking about what I've done and I regret making them.I am hyper sensitive and care about other people and how they think of me. I have a tiny bit of self esteem, it's so very low and has made me feel concerned about how people think of me and my videos. Strong hate on me is like gun shots though my back, they hurt me and I become unmotivated and sad. Reading through TheNamesJunkie 's great and constructive Endergirl1212 rant video's comments destroyed me, seeing people hate me and comment on how stupid I was, (I know I am dumb) made me feel even more down and just feel hurt. I never meant MS Paint wasn't real art or wasn't supposed to be used, I messed up and tried saying something else but it came out wrong. I'm embarrassed at what my channel became, just cringe, that's it. 
  I wish I criticized people better but I was scared I 'd hurt their feelings if I criticized them so I hardly criticize. 
Now that people are leaving and unsubscribing because I don't make Cringy Deviantarts anymore I feel sad. I know that they aren't real fans but still, I'm losing so much.
I hope you guys understand, this is why I don't make many of those videos anymore. I could type endlessly more about how I hate what I did but, my hands are tired and I feel depressed talking about it.. 

Thank you for reading. Sad 
Love you guys.
Thankies for the fanart :,)
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If ya wanna talk then please join this discord server I made for my fans to chat to me!
please don't spam, troll, or be mean to others, thank you.
Today, May 5th, is the two year anniversary of me being on YouTube! I can't believe it's been that long!
Random Shoutouts #2
I think I might make these every week. New recent fanart or friends will be shouted out. If you want me to continue doing this, please let me know in a comment ;)

Please go through this list and follow all these wonderful people!    (says it's un-active by another user who may be the same person so, check this person out )


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Thank You.
If you found any cringy Re-color accounts/art then send them here.
Me and Cookie (my editer) are making a video on it.

My editor's DA  Go support her.
RANDOM SHOUTOUTS! I'll do this more often. I'll probably shoutout the fanart makers as a thank you ;)
Go ahead and please follow these awesome people.


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Let's share some scary stories!   Tell me about a terrifying natural disaster you have experienced in your life, if you're willing to share any. I'll list a some natural disasters,
Examples: Tornadoes, hurricanes, thunderstorms, blizzards, earthquakes, tsunamis, mud slides..and more.

Funny thing is, as I am typing this, there is a thunderstorm closing in on my area, hopefully I don't die!
(This is not an April fools joke, i already have one planned.) I got an editer for my Cringy Deviantarts Series! It's CookieFossil!

Her YouTube:…

Her Deviantart: