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psdontwrite wrist tattoo idea

By Ender242
tattoo idea for user psdontwrite
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this is so cool, does this mean anything or its just a design?
cuz I'd really like to tattoo it on my wrist, if you dont mind :p
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Dude this is sick!! Do you mind if I steal the idea of it but make it a little different? Best wrist tat ive seen!
vampyrebabiidoll's avatar
I love this design! I am looking for someone to design a tattoo for my wrist incorporating Marilyn Manson's (s)AINT into the piece... if you'd be interested please send me a message and we can discuss details :)
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xxranger05's avatar
rawr thats nice, i might have to get this ;D
is this just something you drew? or is ther a definition on the structure? It is apealing.... but ifi could i would love to understand what i see.
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told you id get it
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im gettin this tattoo in two weeks
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if ya do please send me a pic!
I Will,
Ill send it to you so you can post it up,
im so bad at uploading shit.
Im getting a tattoo in Six days.
im thinking about getting this one.
Im still looking though.
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wow, if you do you have to send me a pic
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This thing is so cool. I cant remember if I've commented on it before. i really should have. Is it alright if i use this tattoo as part of a character design I'm working on?
Ender242's avatar
yea sure, that would be awesome.

let me know about the results!
Azael17's avatar
Totally! and thanks a bunch for let me using the design!!
Ender242's avatar
why thank you!
psdontwrite's avatar
OMFG, that is so damn cool :]
Ender242's avatar
good! im glad! i had fun drawing it
psdontwrite's avatar
I'm glad, I'm actually considering getting it.
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If you do take a pic of it! actually i was pretty proud of this one, if i didnt have a tat planned for that part of my arm id get it myself .
psdontwrite's avatar
If I do get it, I can't till July.
Not 16 yet :/
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