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In my dreams - L and T Exhib.

By endemo
Hey peeps.
I got asked by Timba smits of Wooden Toy to participe on his Side Event Exhibition called " LYRICS & TYPE " for the Semi Permanent Event, so here is what I got!!! :)

Everyone had to Illustrate some lyrics he had to choose from any song he wanted to. I used Kid Cudi - Here in my Dreams.

You can see the flyer here : [link] ( made by Timba Smits ).


Watch out for soon.

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So cool!! I love all the details :love:
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awesome...looks great

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Great work man!
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what is your rate per club/party flyer design? 4x6

please e-mail me here:
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Cool mal wieder was von dir hier auf dA zu sehen. Wie man sieht, hast du deinen tollen style weiterbehalten :). Ich hoffe man sieht jetzt wieder öfters etwas von dir hier auf dA.
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очень кульно ^^
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Awesome,you are an example for young people like me.
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tryna get back fucker :D stunning shit!
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;D sposiba yo!
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looks good kidd=)
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looks good kidd=)
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long time no see bro! haha. you back in dA? or was this only for promotional purposes?

great piece by the way. very interesting.
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I'm back :) Thx
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Interesting for sure
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sick composition brother :D
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thanks mate :)
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this is golden concentrated awesome
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sehr schön :-)
Du hast dich echt gemacht mein guter, freut mich :-)

War auch vor ein paar Tagen/Wochen mal auf deinem Portfolio, da ich mal schaun wollte
was du so treibst... Hat mich echt schon erstaunt wie weit du bis jetzt gekommen bist

Mach weiter so dude, immer am Ball bleiben
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